23 thoughts on “Puertorock77 Live: PS5 Logo Drives Fanboys Wild | Why PS4 Domination IS Good For Gaming

  1. Were there any gaming products that you loved but ultimatley failed due to lack of sales? Let me know what were some of the things you enjoyed and wish were still around.

  2. I still need to see the controller before I get hyped. They fuck up the controller Ima be pissed. Hopefully they get rid of the light bar.

  3. What fanboys do a logo drives crazy that's just a logo smh, I swear PlayStation fanboys are the most toxic out of PC, Nintendo and all of who's in gaming.THE Trolls of YouTube Foxy UK,Krados,MBG and last but not least Ryan

  4. The problem is that Sony has a weak first party. They have to rely on third party hand outs like GodFail because aside 3 studios, most Sony studios are mediocre AA studios. How on Earth can Sony compete? They can't and their third party hand outs are drying up.

    Yakuza is gone, Kingdom Hearts is gone, FF7 Remake, eventually Nioh, Persona. What's Sony going to do without their charity and hand outs?

    Sony are the beggers of the industry. Hell even Microsoft is making Minecraft Dungeons for them. Really just shows how abysmal Sony's first party is

  5. I don't get why u have to explain this to people. I love hearing that Sony is selling well because as u said, then I know the platform is healthy and I am gonna reap those benefits man. Even ip's, if I like a game I want it to sell well so I can play the sequel. Like Death Stranding, i'm still hoping that sold well so we get a sequel. It is not hard to understand, and it blows my mind why these people ask why care. I don't care about products that don't interest me, unless that product that doesn't interest me is connected to the product that does interest me. If people do like that other product then it brings people into the ecosystem of the thing i do like, and that makes the products ecosystem I like healthier. More sales = more games, VR or what eva it is that I love. Why is that so hard to understand.

  6. Its a revolving door. I don't read their tweets, read their comments or watch their videos. I'm just looking forward to the games.

  7. I agree with some valid points…,but to say that SONY doesn’t care is totally inaccurate. The reason they doing well is because they are listening to the consumers needs with what is plausible and it shows with 1.15B+ PS4 games sold.

  8. People dont seem to realise the seriousness of this fact sonys worst year ps3 87 or so million is there worst generation….Sonys worst gen is better then most consoles best generation.

  9. I completely forgot about that shit, yeah back in the day you had to pre order or you couldnt get a copy for some of the bigger titles. Damn that brings me back.

  10. PuertoRocc77 I'm disappointed in you when I subscribed to your channel I thought you was a straight up no bullshit person,but I've noticed as of lately your videos are more one sided than necessary,as a YouTuber who talked about video games you should be saying my preferred platformer which is Sony won this gen,but I hope next gen Microsoft bring it, instead of celebrating every little thing that Sony does like they're God or something.i'll say this again and again and again rhandol Thor is the most trusted YouTuber I've subscribed to,not because he supports Xbox but because he is a honest and straight up guy who States it like it is, if Microsoft not doing something great he would call them out about it and if Sony is doing the same nothing different not trying to convince ppl about his preferred plastic like your doing right now!,honesty will always be my policy

  11. Bots bugging on my TL almost annoying lol I usually enjoy their woes but now these MF all tech experts how ps5 at disadvantage then PS5 logo more than quadruple the likes on Instagram they wanna burn the world

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