Pulsar 220 vs Honda Jazz – Car vs Bike: Episode 1 | MotorBeam

Dude, What the F **K man. What the F**K! Dude give me some space na, you are
not giving me any space to go. This isn’t the way you drive bro,
stop ahead, and come ahead. You come ahead, you’re not giving
me any space to go You want space, come ahead Let’s go ahead Do you have any sense how do you
ride? You are not giving me any space to
go You that space in traffic? Yes you have to You are riding a bike you should
ride from left. Where are you going to go when there
is no traffic you have to give me space so that I can filter through lanes no Why do you want to filter through
lanes? Because I want to reach faster. Dude you have to accept the fact that I can
reach faster than you can. Oh come dude, give me a break. This is the fastest car from Honda. Oh really, I am the fastest Indian. Are you? You want to get it on? Let’s do a quarter mile. Let’s go Stop here, Stop! Stop! I won baby, I won. This car is faster than your bike. I am quicker So what I am still faster, I was
ahead of you. You’re faster na Yes Now let’s see Hahahaha, It’s not gonna make any
difference. Even I can do that. It’s gonna be the same so just let it cool

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