Hey guys, what’s up, it’s Ryan and welcome back Helloxryan! The place where Tom Daley is on my wall… with lemons on his nipples ;D Hello everybody, what is up, how are you doing? wh- Hey, let’s just cut right to the chase. Here’s the chase We’re cutting it. Right to it. My favorite band of all time BTS woAhh yEah ~oooh I’m sure you’ve heard of them at some point in time. And I love BTS So very much. They released a new album called Love Yourself: Tear and I’m in tears you guys the album is so good. I like it. I enjoy it But that’s not the only reason why I am here today making a video on my camera They released a music video to one of the songs on the album called Fake Love And the music video is the best thing I’ve ever seen (same ryan same) so for today’s video we me and you the person watching this video, me and you Have a special connection cuz we’re gonna react to the music video for Fake Looove so if you haven’t seen it yet go to the description box I’ll leave a link, click the link then watch the video, then come back to this video then watch this video and It’ll be great Also a lot of people want to know why I don’t record my initial first time seeing the music video and because I wanna have headphones in and like sometimes I cry and that’s like kind of cringey to watch And also I want to experience it fully and like not worry about like making a video. So yeah, so cool Let’s start the video me reacting to BTS’s Fake Love. Here we go. Get ready to be overwhelmed Okay, here we go. Hm that’s me hm. Okay here. Okay. I’ll stop okay here XD Let’s start I love my wavy men. Look at those arms Tae How about you kick me (lmao) God I love you Oh my goodness yes lean on each other like men do yes. Hello It’s about to hit. Jimins gonna frick this all up And then (ryan being relatable) Jimin’s vocals, jimin’s choreography How do you do this why Namjoon you look so good The set design Amazing That hook that huhh, I love it. I approve. Everything is amazing J-hope you are just literally perfect Amazing. Wonderful. Great. I love it. And also his flow on this rap is so cute. It’s like a (weird sounds) XD Okay, that is a mood forever and always wOW WOW take control of them Chim Chim Everyone look and observe. What do we see? Right. hERE. This is what we call art. Mona Lisa who? what when where why? illegal Wow take it away Jungkook And God, is real I’m telling you all. There is a God Tae Amazing Whose floor is falling. I don’t freaking care. Run away Jungkook Yes Yes YES Jin, you can punch me Hello. Where are you I don’t know Wow, so effortlessly hot. So great Amazing. 10 out of 10 My heart I love you Suga Toss it toss whatever you were tossing toss that so good This is the biggest mood, that J-hope has ever served Jin you look so good they all look amazing Okay, and here we are, here lies me. Get ready to have your wig snatched (don’t worry ryan my wig is already on Mars) Where is he? I don’t know but we’re here. I love… earth I love cinematic art. You’re so freaking pretty Oh my god my heart hurts. And here we go wait King King Your royalty Who is anyone else in the world? Everyone is shaking yAhehaha Things that THEY did THAT. I know a lot of people don’t like it when the music video stops and they have a little cinematic scene But I like it. I am a big fan of that. So if your opinion is otherwise, the door is over there Continue. Roll (?) Jimin uuuuuuoohhh JIm- oh there’s a litle bit of a- little bit of a stomach peek ahaha When Jimin does the- Jimin seems to be doing so much of this, with his hands, it was in DNA and now it’s here He’s grabbing me. He’s grabbing the viewers and shaking us That’s me (sighs very deeply) You shook? can we just, wOW All right guys, so that’s gonna be it for my reaction. I Words can’t even express how much I love music video concepts, how much I love music how much I love men, in general Okay, but for real that’s gonna be it for today’s video I hope you guys enjoyed it to some extent. But if you guys did enjoy today’s video make sure to give this video a thumbs up and if you think you’ll enjoy More videos from me then hit the subscribe button and also the bell notification button so you can be what? Notifieeed a lot of people were wondering if I was gonna go see BTS in concert and I am I was thinking about vlogging it too – so I guess stay tuned for that. And yeah, that’s it for today’s video I love you guys a lot and I’ll see you guys next time whenever I post. bye! subs by Selena

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