Recreating JENerationDIY’s Stranger Things & Riverdale DIYs

Hello all you beautiful people. Hey all you people hey all you people Okay. My name is Taylor thank you for checking out my channel and if you liked it here then come on and Aboard and be a beautiful person with us and like and comment and subscribe and join the family Okay
so last week I made a video where I recreated some of harmony Chantelle some of her DIYs and This week I’m doing JenerationDIY. I love her channel. She’s like the original fangirl I’m not really but like, you know, she’s like a big fan girl. Why not do her? I’ve been watching her channel from the longest time ever since I made A DIY upcycling shirt and then her channel was recommended to be because of that video anyway so because of that I’m wearing my Bruno Mars t-shirt because what more of a fangirl Can you get than a Bruno Mars fan? Is there any other I don’t know? Actually, I do because I’m doing two DIYs from two different shows that I fangirl over (Riverdale, and Stranger Things) So let me know if you want like me to do my own DIYs for fan shows. Then I would gladly do that Alright, let’s get started Zero all engine running Thanks for helping me focus bb So people said that I needed to start doing commentary in the last one So I’m gonna I’m sorry, but you’re not gonna look at me. So I got a different take up because The teacup that Jen used in her video was like $5.99 and this was a like $1.99 at Walmart and she said that she’s gonna use some kind of Special marker, I would just use a sharpie because sharpies work. So all right change of plans. I’m gonna do this and You’re just gonna have to watch me do it Next I am a moving on to the Hat So this one is actually inspired by a shirt that Betty was wearing in the show that was inspired by Jugheads hat and of course the next project that we will be doing will be a hat inspired by Jen’s Riverdale video It’s the crown hat which I thought was really really cute because they reminded me of the comics which of course the TV show is based off of Okay, so I literally don’t have any fabric paint so I’m gonna use just regular yellow acrylic paint because Life alright, and then I have this Okay, so that was fun we created stuff I don’t know how it went because I haven’t actually film that yet But this is the outro clip. So let’s get outing. Ooh, it sounds bad. Don’t help people. That’s not good Don’t do this. Anyway, so next we’re gonna try to do some DIYs from the sorry girls I think try because a lot of those are very like Intuitive, but they do such cool stuff. So we’re gonna really try to do that Okay So thank you so much for watching this video and liking it and Subscribing to my channel and coming back to see me next week. Ah so until next week guys, I Amazing I’ve got to tell someone about this Hey, all you people. Hey, all you people. Hey, all you people won’t you listen to me

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