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Retail Arbitrage: Reselling Clearance Items Online (Barnes and Noble)

man I love those clearance deals my name
is Juston with flipping profits today we are heading to Barnes & Noble for some
Funko exclusives there is a ton of opportunity today in Barnes & Noble 50%
off clearance we’re gonna talk about the products that you need to be looking for
we’re also gonna run through three different products that we found while
we were there that you could potentially resell yourself obviously we always say
disclaimer maybe it’s good idea not to sell these specific products but you may
want to stick around because we’re gonna share with you guys our numbers what we
were able to source today and a little bonus why these products are so
profitable so stick around stay tuned we’ll see you in a second all right everybody I’m gonna run
through the numbers but you are gonna want to stick around to the very end to
understand why these specific Funko products are so profitable because
knowing and understanding that aspect is really what is going to drive your
profitability up when you’re out there sourcing when you’re looking for
products if you’re planning on reselling them or if you’re just looking for a
really good bargain and a deal that’s where you’re gonna find the best deals
that are super hard to come by because everywhere else it’ll be way more
expensive to buy or sell these so let’s run through the numbers then we’re gonna
hop into that bonus section where we’re gonna be talking about the different
products let’s just jump into it remember disclaimer disclaimer
disclaimer it’s probably a better idea to not resell these products this is
educational purposes only blah blah blah blah blah you guys know the drill
so let’s sit around and talk about our first product the game of Thrones somebody tell me how to say this with
Sandy I miss Andy miss miss Andy I don’t know it’s a game of Thrones Funko pop I
don’t really care I say the name all right we got our new pet here
today’s selling price on Amazon is $19.90 that’s actually a typo there I
put 1983 the cost in store seven dollars and fifty cents ladies and gentlemen
these were originally $15 50% off fees on Amazon if you were to turn around and
resell this product on Amazon how much would you be paying in fees taxes
shipping all that stuff $6.95 is what it all is combined for your net profit so
remember we’re selling these on Amazon for 1983 we already prepaid that $7.50
while we’re out there shopping today and our projected fees based off of this
pricing based off of the shipping cost and all that stuff is $6.95 after your
products sell you end up netting a $5 and $0.48 profit per unit you’re almost
doubling your money that’s a 66% return on investment can’t
get much better than that how many sales per month well let’s talk
is ranked currently 43,000 in toys which means it’s yielding about a hundred and
forty two sales per month can I get a hallelujah it’s not too bad let’s jump in to our next one so Keith
Haring oh I love Keith Haring I don’t even know what he’s written or drawn but
I love this man because this funkopop is money hmm by the way we’re keeping
this one just in case you thought that was weird let’s run through the numbers
so good ol Keith is selling for twenty four dollars and seventy five cents
right now today on Amazon our costs were seven dollars and fifty cents with fees
taxes shipping and all that stuff being seven dollars and eighty eight cents as
you can see here the fees here have actually gone up a little bit and that’s
because Amazon charges more base off for the product price so that’s why you’re
seeing that big differentiator right there so if we sell it for twenty four
seventy five with our cost being at seven dollars fifty cents and our
projected fees and all that stuff taken out once the product sells how much are
we gonna net we will make a nine dollar and thirty eight cent profit per unit a
hundred and eleven percent return on investment whoo keith haring thank you
my friend all right currently is sitting in toys
as well at 43,000 with about 140 sales per month Oh baby these Funko’s can really make you a lot
of money and for those that say Justin I can’t
get on gated and Funko it’s too difficult
go watch iron gating a video check out Entertainment Earth you’re gonna be able
to buy a Funko’s from a distributor that is an authorized distributor to resell
at products and that is your gateway that’s a key that’s your tip hmm
that’s your pro tip all right last but not least a Donald Duck exclusive Funko
currently selling on Amazon for 2125 our price in store once again 750 current
projected fees shipping costs all that stuff like we talked about seven dollars
and 18 cents with a net profit of six dollars and fifty seven cents per unit
and almost an 80 percent ROI now this one is really exciting and this
is why I saved the best for last it is currently ranked 26,000 and toys
with at that rank that’s about 273 sales per month
there are literally three maybe four resellers within the buy box contention
on this product what does that mean basically this thing is gonna sell super
fast and we like products that sell really fast we like products that we can
get in and get out of so this is a winner just like you expect coming to
our Channel so why are these specific Funko pops so
profitable so good and so sexy well number one not sure if you guys can see
this here but little mr. keith haring is the New York Comic Con 2019 fall
convention exclusive meaning they were made for New York Comic Con and you
can’t buy these anymore ever oh there’s never gonna be another one so
whoever loves Keith Haring will never be able to get this at New York Comic Con
again it happened in 2019 and 2020 they’re gonna have a new one huh good ol
miss sandy miss Andy miss Cindy miss Indy from Game of Thrones she was once
again a New York comic-con limited edition that was only ever really sold
at New York Comic Con and obviously the overflow access gets offloaded to retail
storefronts just like Barnes and Noble so this one was a special edition as
well they’re gonna be very hard to come by as well and last but not least
firefighter I don’t doc how’s a Donald Duck
compressed ination impersonation but it’s probably really bad you’re get 2019
New York Comic Con fall convention look here’s a skinny of it if you can get San
Diego comic-con a New York comic-con exclusive Funko pop they’re gonna be
super sought after especially right after the event happens there will be a
spike in a desire for them and there’s gonna be immediate sales through the
roof of those products you’re gonna be selling them for a lot more than what we
are but because these are less than a year old they’re still sought-after
I mean you’re never gonna find another dog duck firefighter this is exclusive
to New York comic-con and if it is it will not be this style
so you know you got to think – everybody loves Donald Duck and who’s buying these
probably friends and family of firefighters to give – Donald Duck fans
that are also firefighters I mean come on I
when if I was a firefighter right so tons of profitability here tons of
opportunity make sure to go check out your Barnes & Noble today if not
tomorrow where else are you gonna find profits so every single one of those
tables like you saw me walking past at 50% off sales where I found the most
profit immediately was Funko pops I knew there would be exclusives over there so
I knew right away I could find profitability and check yours because
you may live closer to Southern California and they might have the San
Diego comic-con ones versus the New York comic-con ones so your tables may be
very well super different than ours there’s that possibility number two
there is a also a table with specifically just gaming stuff or at
least in our store there was that table is probably gonna be very profitable and
the reason why I say that is because I scanned literally three or four items I
think while I was over there every one of them was really profitable I’m not
gonna give you guys any more hints I think you got enough out of the Funko
pops go check out those items and that’s a bonus for sticking around to the end
if you made it to the end of this video comment down below and say thanks Justin
for those bonus strategies we love you have an awesome day we’ll see you
tomorrow hey Stephen yeah Justin don’t you love Funko pops what do you think of
that well I thought you did pretty good there you

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31 thoughts on “Retail Arbitrage: Reselling Clearance Items Online (Barnes and Noble)

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    PS here’s a link to the ungating guide video for those interested 👍🏻:

    How to Get Ungated On Amazon – Our Ultimate Guide

  2. Hey Justin you also need to remind people that pops need special shipping bubble wrap ans a box to amazon as Funko people are very picky and want perfect. Adds a little cost to the product but less returns.

  3. That was Daffy Duck, not Donald 🤣 in your cartoon insert. You can buy plastic cases for those Funkos that make packing easier than bubble wrap. Do you take off 50% tag, but leave on Comic-Con Exclusive sticker. I will be heading there tomorrow. I did great there on some faux leather covered military books. Bought at $14.95 and sold for $42. I only bought 10 for Christmas because they are heavy and big so worried about storage costs. They all sold, probably to grandpas for a Christmas gift. Loved the video as usual, Justin

  4. Always amazing, helpful and funny 😆 Juston !!!
    Hope Kristen is feeling better! Hope to see more of her again when shes ready to hop back on with you. I’m following your advice on ungating. Just got my LLC and EIN!!!!

    Question :
    The piece I realize I’m missing is how to calculate sales per month on an item(manual calculation or software?). Forgive me bc I feel like it is mentioned in a video. I’ve started going back through them but I haven’t been able to find it yet.
    Anyone remember or know which video I should look in ?
    Thanks in advance!

  5. Hey Justin,
    Thanks for my daily dose of funny 😂.

    Question: I didn’t know about having to ship them to amazon protected. I have shipped a few before mixed with other items as a special packaging requirement didn’t pop up.
    Your video might have just spared me great headache in the future.
    How are you exactly going to ship them to amazon?
    Thanks for this valuable information and the giggles ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  6. what do you use to get stats as far as sold units per month. i know you previously stated this. cant find it. do u have a link for subscription?

  7. My local Barnes and Nobles generally does not take care of their pops but Ill have to run there tomorrow and see if they have anything worth buying

  8. Hey Juston, I have a question. I have an item I want to send into FBA. This exact same item is listed on Amazon already but with a different UPC being sold as a quantity of 1. When I scan my UPC it comes up as being sold on Amazon in 12 bag quantities. Any idea why 2 different UPCs? How can I list mine to sell as quantity of 1?

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