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Riverdale 1×05 Inside “Heart of Darkness” (HD) Season 1 Episode 5 Inside

(suspenseful music) – Jason’s memorial will
be held in this room, before he’s laid to rest in the cemetery on Thornhill’s grounds. – Someone in this town killed Jason. – And there’s a very real possibility Jason’s murderer will
soon be in this room. – Episode 105 is called
The Heart of Darkness and we learn a lot
about Cheryl’s home life and how her family treats her because it’s Jason’s memorial. If you really want to
extend an olive branch, come to a sleepover I’m having. I invite her over to see my world, because I think her and
I kind of understand each other on an interesting level. – Thank you for having me. – Cheryl invited you, I have
no idea why you’re here. – I think when Cheryl invites Veronica, she doesn’t expect it to be as miserable as it actually is at home. Maybe she was looking at the
light at the end of the tunnel, maybe she thought because
it was Jason’s memorial, her parents would be nicer to her. That is not the case. – There are worse things than prison. – Like this dinner party. – What did you say? – Poor Cheryl, my girl. – Melody’s our technique queen. – And you’re the song writer? I would love to–
(door slams) – Love to what? Like the word traitor comes to mind. – I’m trying to get my life back on track. – I can help with that. – Josie is a bit of a perfectionist. If you think that you
can write my experience– – Josie.
– It’s okay, Valerie. She’s right. – Having anything infringe
upon what she views as her success, not just for herself but the Pussycats as a whole, no go. So Archie comin’ in, battin’ his little red
eyelashes is a problem. – Catch on quick, newbie. – Archie’s just, (sighs) he’s just too cute for his own good. – Well all get in that, don’t we? – I don’t.

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34 thoughts on “Riverdale 1×05 Inside “Heart of Darkness” (HD) Season 1 Episode 5 Inside

  1. Is it only me that ships everyone with everyone on this show? Lol weird but true



  2. This whole Archie and Ms.Grundy thing is just disturbing if you started from the comics. He's meant for only Betty and Veronica, cnt rly picture him with someone else

  3. After 2 years or even 1 year when this show becomes REALLY popular I am proud to say I've been a supporter of it since the beginning

  4. I'm laughing. cause ppl saying archie has less chemisty with Valerie then Betty and Veronica. When they haven't even exchanged a full sentence or scene yet…. Lmao. Ok. Stop hating.

  5. Madelaine (Cheryl) looks like a ugly zombie from zombie apocalypse or ghost from evil dead!!! yuck !!!!!😨😨😵😵😵

  6. Glad they're not automatically doing the Betty, Archie and Veronica love triangle and letting the characters date other students and develop relationships beyond their circle first

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