Riverdale 1×08 Inside “The Outsiders” (HD) Season 1 Episode 8 Inside

– Coming home with me? – He can stay with us, Mr. Jones. – Maybe that’s for the best,
if you don’t mind, Fred. – In the last episode,
Jughead who was homeless, ended up living with
Archie and Fred Andrews at Archie’s house and Polly
Cooper, who is pregnant with Jason’s baby. ended up moving in with Veronica
and her mother, Hermione. – Anything for Alice Cooper’s daughters. – So your mom and dad want
Polly but not the baby, and the Blossoms was
the baby and not Polly? It’s a true Gordian knot. – It’s an impossible situation. – So Veronica Lodge does
was Veronica Lodge always does in these situations,
she suggests a party. – A baby shower. – Count me in. – Get Polly and your
parents in the same room, in a public setting where they can’t fight and voila, let the healing begin. – Needless to say, that
doesn’t go as planned. – I hate to do this to you, Fred. But, I gotta pull my crew. – He runs a construction
company and his crew is mysteriously quitting on him. – When you work your ass
off to build something and one false step you
could lose everything. – No Dad, you’re not losing anything. – [Roberto] So Archie,
wanting to help his Dad, drafts his fellow football
players to work as Fred’s crew. – Reporting for duty. – I appreciate it. – [Roberto] And then they are mysteriously attacked by a group of
hoods and they suspect it’s the Southside Serpents who used to live in that territory. – Moose and I are going to the Southside to find those Serpents. You in? – Whoa, hey, you didn’t say it was the Serpents who beat Moose up. – ‘Cause we don’t know that for a fact. – Are you coming with me, or not?

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