100 thoughts on “Riverdale 1×13 Extended Promo “The Sweet Hereafter” (HD) Season 1 Episode 13 Extended Promo Finale

  1. Pop is probably the Hodor of Riverdale. He doesn't have much lines or scenes but we all love him

  2. Honestly in my mind I truly feel that Betty is the strongest character out of all of the other characters.

  3. Maybe Jason wasn't really a blossom cause Clifford did say to Cheryl you are a true blossom through and through not Jason so maybe he's not related to them directly???

  4. Since Archies only enemy that is a boy (assuming the person he is beating up is a boy) is reggie (and archie wouldn't beat reggie up that badly) I really want to know who he's beating up.

  5. Okay I just need to write down this theory somewhere: has anyone ever thought about Archie being a Blossom and Jason don't?

  6. Who is the father of the baby Betty's mom had to "abort" (quotations because who thinks she actually did that since the entire town is full of secrets)? Also, Cheryl's dad told her she was a Blossom, hence was Jason not a blood blossom and they just acted as if they were twins? They are supposedly fraternal, so maybe they really weren't twins?

  7. omg last episodeeeeee can not wait!!! it gets better everytime with all the dynamic and stuff and what is the background music pleaseee

  8. Someone call the Riverdale crew to go to Rosewood. These 15 year old kids are doing a much better job than the liars

  9. At 0:16 it shows Betty ripping photos off, Jughead holding her back, and everyone taking pictures. I think that maybe it's something about her—like when she thought she was Polly— or about her family. And she gets really mad because at 0:17 it shows her hands bleeding because she was putting her nails— with a lot of pressure — against her hands.

  10. plot twist : archie and jason were switched so that's why Clifford doesn't really into jason, archie's mom was Clifford's first wife but they were end up their wedding because she knows how Clifford could be a creeper and that's why Archie's mom keep want archie to move out from the city with her, also betty is the one who killed Clifford since she hates the "jerky" guys

  11. I have watched series and series but i think bughead is my OTP. I love them so much and the chemistry they have is amazing. I mean, i really believe that if they brake them up i won't keep watching it.

  12. So Cheryl dies at the finale? They say thats why Archie is breaking the ice, because she falls and drowns. I don't know where i read that.

  13. WHY FP is still in jail? ma men needs to be with his son again.

    i'm pretty excited how this will be!

  14. Why do I get this feeling that Archie and Jason are half brothers??? But Cheryl liked Archie HUHU I dont know!!!

  15. I was really hoping it would've been Betty who killed Jason but it does seem like something is going to happen with her in the finale

  16. I still think it isn't over. What if Cliff has a twin? And it was the twin who killed Jason and is trying to frame Clifford? I mean, twins just can't come out of nowhere, Cheryl and Jason are twins would have been okay, but the fact Polly is carrying twins too is a bit funny. ALSO, I think Alice and FP had a fling in high school and she is the OG Serpent, what IF the baby she aborted was FP's. I swear this show has me thinking all sorts. It's.So.GOOODD!!

  17. I hope they actually explain why Betty goes dark Betty sometimes like the whole fingernail thing wtf I love Riverdale to death but like ??? You show it and then don't explain

  18. Everyone is busy talking about the mystery and ships but all i can think about is "Is FP seriously reading an archie comic in jail?"

  19. How about next season they kill kevin… We get to see more humane side of sheriff keller…. We didnt see much about hime season one like the other parents…

  20. If you pause just the right place on 0:16 you will see that on someone's locker ( I assume its Betty's ) there is a doll with a blonde ponytail hanged with some letters or paper with probably fake blood on them.

  21. Okay so the finale looks all action packed and great but DID I JUST SEE POPS GETTING ROBBED?!? THEY BETTER NOT HURT POP TATE. I'm genuinely more concerned for the fate of the chock'lit shoppe 😂

  22. I just noticed. FP is holding a comic book and it is a Sabrina the Teenage Witch comic book. This has to confirm that she is coming onto the show.

  23. "There are some secrets that are so painful. You not olny hide them from the world, but you hide them from yourself." shows a clip of archie looking at betty you mean your feelings for betty, archie?


  24. Incest. Family Problem. Dad shoots son in head. Dad is doing dirty things undercover with maple syrup. Dad wants drive in Land. Dad hates Hiram. Dad hates Coopers who are relatives.
    If Clifford Blossom had to kill Jason because he overheard something or because jason refused to take over the business. Had it been Clifford wanting to hide the fact that he was transporting drugs with the coverage of maple syrup. He didnt have to kill Jason, his legitimate heir – he could have just threatened Polly's and Jason's babies lives.

  25. I'm proper confused, about why people say Sabrina is heading to town? Like i didn't know sabrina was part of the series?

  26. AM I the only person who Thinks Sabrina (The Witch) Is goanna Make a Appearance And try to take Archie from Veronica? I Just have that Gut feeling

  27. "There are some secrets that are so painful. You not only hide them from the world, you hide them from yourself." shows a clip of archie looking at betty you mean your feeling for betty, archie?


  28. It's so relieving that Betty and Archie are gonna FINALLY talk and sort their friendship out 😂 ( Although, I'm a Barchie shipper. I'm ok with a friendship )

  29. "Something wicked this way come.."

    What? The cast of Descendants are coming to town? Yeeeey!

  30. At 0:13 it looks like Betty and Jug are sharing a milkshake (okay maybe I spent like ten minutes trying to pause it at the right time until I did BUTTT) yeaa, I. Ship. Them. So. Much!

  31. Bruhh…..I totally pieced som of this shit together!!!! Archie is not beating anyone up he is breaking the ice….Cheryl put on a white blanket so she could blend in with the ice to commit suicide…Archie was saving her…Betty was self harming herself that's why she has scars on her hand….and in the hallway at school when Jughead was holding her back Betty was trying to open up Jason Blossom's locker..!!! I know it's not much but I'm so happy I put some of this together I feel like a Crime Scene Investigator😂

  32. I think Penelope and Cheryl killed Clifford and tried to make it look like he killed himself and then Cheryl feels guilty and ran away and tried to kill herself then the core four tries to find her or stop her. The scene where Archie's punching something is probably ice.. Maybe Cheryl jumped or fell. That's my theory 😄


  34. This show ended up in so many CLIFFhangers, like it was revealed that Betty has a long-lost brother (which they didn't make it that "big of a deal") which is going to bite them in the butt.

    Cheryl burned Thornhill Mansion down, which I probably guess, contains all of their fortune (jewelry, heirlooms, etc.), which I guess makes them poorer.

    Jughead was tempted by the dark side (Southside Serpents)… Which might cause him to be a bad boy the next season, and probably the reason why Betty will break up with him.

    The reporters inferred that Clifford killed Jason because of drugs, but what if the story goes deeper, I mean Clifford Blossom didn't admit that drugs was the reason.

    Fred Andrews could die in season 2… I mean it would totally give them much much more storylines and Archie's mom moves in with him, Archie suspects that the Lodges did setup Fred to be killed, which will probably be an obstacle for Varchie.

  35. why did i feel like Archie,somewhere deep down is starting to like Betty? I mean the way he looked at her and how he was about to say something..but Betty cut him off.

  36. i was happy that finale is ending with fuckin n stuff,, but deep down i knew that something crazy bout to go down,, and ma nigga got shot!!!WTF??

  37. I have a theory. What if Joaquin is Betty's brother? He could maybe be FP's and Alice's child because I always thought the combination of blue eyes and black hair was odd and quite rare and he seems the right age. Why did FP trust him to get rid of the body?

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