62 thoughts on “Riverdale 2×08 Promo “House of the Devil” (HD) Season 2 Episode 8 Promo

  1. Why the fff are writers so obsessed about Archie and Ronnie when there is nothing to be obsessed about. I feel stick to my stomack when watching them. I am so so tired of them…I feel so annoyed and I hope someone will read this from the writers. I think Varchie is overplayed and that's why many of us don't find that interesting. It's not not even intense. Remember damon and elena from TVD, huge chemistry and so intense but they didnt even get together for many seasons but there were bits and pieces before all that.

  2. I don't really have anything against Varchie but why are the the only ones getting sex scenes/steamy scenes? I'm not asking for much but after Bughead got interrupted in the Season 1 finale I thought the writers would make it up to them and give them at least one scene.

    Anyways, neither are my top ship rn. Waiting on Josie and Reggie 😍😍

  3. I’m really disappointed in riverdale s2. It feels like the writers just gave in to the fans, and are making the shows all about the ships now. I honestly could care less about watching varchie or bughead or chosie. The episodes are lazily done, too. Did anyone notice that in episode 6 that Toni appeared at the race when she was supposed to be in jail? I’ll keep watching, but this is getting ridiculous.

  4. Why is everyone talking about varchie when I’m over hear like at 0:14 Archie is running over to Betty like ahhhh!!!! ❤️💕🦄💜❤️

  5. I just realized that If Cheryl was the one who put the pigs heart in the box then she was also probably the one who wrote go to hell serpent slut in pigs blood on Betty's locker

  6. Is no one talking about how weird Cheryl was ? Like the draw of Josie really looked like the draw of Josie and Cheryl that Cheryl drew

  7. A lot of people call Cheryl a psychopath but forget that its gotta be hard for a teenage girl (or anyone in that matter) to keep it together when her twin brother was murdered by her father, neglected by her mother, had a suicide attempt, got blackmailed into speaking in favor of the man who helped get rid of Jasons body and was drugged then sexually assaulted…

  8. I know who the black hood is. It is Betty's foster father of her brother Chic.

    The killer has a familiar history of riverdale who targets northsiders. He is from an older generation than the teens, has green eyes, and targeted northsiders.

    I came to the conclusion the black hood is an associate of Alice. He is an ex-serpent just like Alice was in the gang when he revealed the mugshot photo to Betty.
    He knows Alice very well in the old days. That's why she keeps her mouth shut about it and why the black hood won't hurt Betty.

  9. I am on freaking epizode 8 of season 1,but i decided to watch the trailer and now i am like:YASSS MY FUCKING DREAMS CAME TRUE

  10. Bughead fans: OMG WHERES BUGHEAD??!!!
    Bughead had literally all of season 1. Let’s other relationships develop and be patient.

  11. I think the biggest mystery right now is what the song in the background of this promo is …. Seriously no one knows !

  12. Please guys i'm looking for the song of the first scene of this episode when archie and veronica are kissing thanks guys ❤

  13. This show is so messed up. The writers of the show put forth the notion that a person should have sex with whoever but the weight of saying I love you to somebody should really be contemplated on a more serious level than opening up your legs to a guy. Hollywood is evil af.

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