Riverdale 2×10 Sneak Peek #2 “The Blackboard Jungle” (HD) Season 2 Episode 10 Sneak Peek #2

Archie: Cheryl. Cheryl: I was unsurprised and quite pleased to get your text suggesting this meeting, Archie. I’ll keep it brief. If you don’t convince Veronica to
stand with us against the Southside rabble, I’ll tell her I saw you
locking lips with Betty Cooper. Archie: Veronica and I were broken up, Cheryl… And so were Jughead and Betty. Anyway, that’s not why I texted you. Cheryl: No, Archie. Do you really think you’re going to outmaneuver me? Archie: I want to talk about Nick St. Clair. Cheryl: What on earth for? Archie: Did you know that after he
left Riverdale he got into an accident? like a pretty bad car crash? Cheryl: Forgive me if I don’t
shed any tears for that animal. I only wish mother and I wouldn’t have burned
the check his family gave us as hush money. You must have been thrilled too when
you found out about the accident. I mean after what Nick did to Veronica
the night of his party. Archie: What? Cheryl: When he got physical with her? Archie: What do you mean? Cheryl: I mean Veronica wouldn’t have
slapped him senseless. The same thing that happened to me
might have happened to her. Archie: I am going to murder him. Cheryl: Archie. Cheryl: I genuinely thought you knew. It was Veronica’s right to tell you or not. I’m sure there’s a specific
reason she kept it from you. Archie: Yeah. I think I know what it is. Riverdale returns with an all-new episode this Wednesday at 8/7c only on the CW and the CW app.

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