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Riverdale 2×12 Extended Promo “The Wicked and the Divine” (HD) Season 2 Episode 12 Extended Promo

Forgive me father
for I have sinned. I’m doing something terrible
to a person I love. Aren’t you worried he’s going
to find out all our family secrets? What’s going on in there? Why is the door locked? You brought the
North side down on us! Every decision I’ve made just
makes things worse and worse. What were you and
my father chatting about? Did you really think you’d
see the last of me? Riverdale all new episode
this Wednesday at 8/7c only on The CW and The CW app.

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52 thoughts on “Riverdale 2×12 Extended Promo “The Wicked and the Divine” (HD) Season 2 Episode 12 Extended Promo

  1. I'm already done with Chic if this is the storyline their gonna pursue with him and how their gonna handle Betty's darkness/mental issues.

  2. For all the people the people who keep complaining about riverdale and season two and it’s storyline
    You don’t how how each episode is going to go
    So shut the fuck up

  3. What is this show even about now? It was fun when they tried to solve jasons murderer and then the black hood now it’s no villian at all

  4. season 2 is trash tbh idk wtf is going on anymore season 1 was so much better in terms of having the right amount of suspense and it was less dark lol like chill out they’re supposed to be teenagers

  5. I love season 2 but dark betty is such a shit storyline making her a camgirl?? really. and then jughead randomly being obsessed with the serpents by acting all tough but really he looks annoying as hell. i feel the main reason people are hating though is because their beloved bughead isn’t together stop crying they will get back eventually calm down. I feel like giving every single character (but archie and veronica) a different storyline makes the whole thing so messy like in one scene they talk about the southside in the other they talk about wrestling and in the other singing with josie like its all over the place. The only good thing in my opinion is the connected storyline between Archie, Veronica, and Hiram. I think its really interesting that Archie is fighting to protect Veronica and it shows how he truly cares about her, It’s good! Unfortunately many people dislike Varchie for their own reasons so thats why its not getting good reviews. I’m afraid that riverdale will get cancelled if all it receives is hate from all this whining people. Varchie you’re doing great! It’s sad people can’t see that.

  6. It’s really funny that Betty can do anything she wants without getting judged for her actions no matter how bad they are but when Veronica isn’t doing anything she still gets hate for existing like wtf, Betty has attempted to drown someone and most of you Betty stands are like “that’s my girl” and when Betty is being a bitch to her mom you guys are like “what a queen” but when Veronica is being a bitch to her parents you guys are like “have respect for your parents” like wtf

  7. Between Archie working for the FBI, Betty doing some BDSM shit, Cheryl's forgotten plot of stalking Josie, and a thousand other things, I think the show forgot that these are teenagers and not adults.

  8. What is this shit? They're ruining this show. Season 1 was great but season 2 is all over the place. Now stranger things season 2 was even better than the first one. I hope they get back on track because until now s2 was a shit show. I don't wanna stop watching this because I really love the cast

  9. A lot of people have criticised the writers for bringing back Dark Betty. I can understand their concerns as mental illness is a serious topic and the idea of a teenager stripping in front of old perverts online is truly disturbing but it's meant to be. The writers aren't condoning these things or making light of them, from what I've seen they're showing how dark and twisted this is. I think Dark Betty would be an interesting storyline and a great character development and personally that's why I'm excited to see how this is explored. There's nothing wrong with great TV addressing serious issues like mental illness and child pornography so long as they don't condone it.

  10. What I like about this episode already:
    Wicked and the divine is my favourite graphic novel series❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  11. I agree with most of the comments. This season is a mess, there are way too many storylines at once, things that get forgottan and characters that are being inconsistant. And what on earth were they thinking to make Chic some webcam dude? He could have had any other heartbreaking horrible past

  12. Everyone seriously needs to stop calling jughead annoying because he's not he is an amazing person he is just going down a dangerous path that i hope betty can break him out of

  13. Veronica doesn't deserve Archie. I literally ship him with anyone that isn't Veronica. Hell he could fuck Mrs. Cooper for all I care.

  14. I think this show needs to grow up, seriously. The four main characters are gettin a little borring, Betty with her "darkness" (wich everyone has, I still don't get why Betty's darkness has to be special and so important above others darkness), Jughead and the whole Serpent thing, sometimes it's getting monotonous and Archie… poor Archie, sometimes it's a football player, sometimes he's singer, sometimes he's basketball player, sometimes he's wrestler and the list goes on. I mean the writting team don't know what to do with the characters sometimes. And that it's reflected in the "storyline" of Kevin, Cheryl and Josie.

  15. ⚠ RANT⚠

    Kevin,Toni and Cheryl need more screen time, I like the concept of Dark Betty(which is to show a teenager who everyone wants to live up to the "girl next door" expectations, isn't so perfect)but they are blowing it out of wayy out of proportion, Jughead is getting very irritating like CHILL (and there's no logical reason to why he's doing this),Veronica's (I think) Getting a little too involved in her parents business(and I know she asked for it but it's very toxic.),and ask them about your parents intentions, Archie needs to tell Veronica about the FBI thing, Bughead needs to get back together because they need each other like day and night and Betty needs the go to a therapist and tell Jughead that Archie and same for Jughead with Toni Most importantly ,CHONI NEED TO HAPPEN.

  16. Jughead last episode almost made me lose my shit lmaaoo ,bruh he Was annoying as shit..serpent this serpent that gooooooodaaaaamn

  17. Oh god please focus more on Cheryl or Chic or Josie or the other side characters a bit more because this is getting so chaotic and too much that its just BORING. and the storyline that a random guy who is bettys brother shows her how to WEBCAM is fucking creepy and i was excited for it to be more of a good storyline than that. its just fucking unrealistic

  18. For everyone that watched, I hope you liked the intense afterparty! I was actually the DJ in this episode. You can see me scratching after they pop the champagne bottle. Hope you liked it! – DJ A-SLAM / IG – @globalpartystarters / @hussein_dj_a_aslam

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