100 thoughts on “Riverdale 2×15 Promo “There Will Be Blood” (HD) Season 2 Episode 15 Promo

  1. Choni,Jarchie,Beronica,and Kevoose is my ship in Riverdale. I’m so stoked what is going to happen in next ep!

  2. I wanna see Polly’s Twins. Seriously, it’s like she fell off the face of the Earth. It’d compensate for the Hiram storyline.

  3. Cheryl’s mom has Zero moral high ground to condem lesbianism considering she slept with a married man

  4. I know I'll get shit on for this, but I think this Cheryl-Toni thing is totally forced. Jughead-Toni seemed like a great pairing, but of course that just can't happen because of Bughead and their Romeo and Juliet angst. Then Cheryl and this "backstory" of her girlfriend that reeks of retcon.

  5. If Cheryl and Toni get together I hope it’s a slow burn until it finally is even a kiss, I want them to feel for each other discover their identities, Kinda just stand up for each other and give off looks, admit to themselves at first that they love the other person, and then they can kiss later on. I want more but the comment will just get even longer.

  6. For them to go for the jugular and throw some serious shade the way they did just before the intruders came into the cabin, they don’t really care for one another lol. Jughead was right; all it takes is one spark and their friendships with one another will explode. Hiram is probably going to attack Archie with that knife, and Archie won’t hesitate this time.

  7. i feel like bughead is gonna start acting like varchie because of betty acting like she was in 50 shades of grey this episode

  8. Well I guess a biracial girl-girl couple is better than nothing…

    But I am beyond disappointed that Kevin’s screen time / significance has drastically decreased this season, even though Casey was upgraded to regular.

    Instead we get 80% of the episodes wasted on this Archie-Hiram-FBI bullshit, and the Cooper Household murder drama.

    Season 1 was not perfect, but it was definitively better than season 2.

  9. I want old riverdale back!
    It doesn’t feel the same anymore
    A show usually goes downhill after season 3 not 1

  10. Ohhh shit. So first of all, I seen it coming. I knew at some point Archie would break😏. Next, I know Betty was trying to help her mom when bringing Chic home but the dude is creepy asf. I can get she's regretting that now😂. And then there's my ship, scratch that yacht. I just KNEW they were gonna throw Choni in there. And I am HERE for it😊😆👏👏👏❤

  11. this show has flopped quite a bit, honestly s2 has no plot but i find jugheads hatred towards Lodge entertaining and Chiks storyline has me wrapped about what his capable of


  13. I so badly want a spin off series with Josie (and her pushy cats) Toni, Cheryl and Kevin going to college together

    They are such newly created characters that are so much more interesting then Betty, Veronica, Archie and Jughead. Cheryl and Toni would be such a new explorer compared couple and I would so be down with that. These four could have such amazing chemistry together friendship (and Toni and Cheryl love interest). Who knows maybe some drama might spike up and Josie goes through supporting one of her pussy cat (who I can’t for the life of m ere,ever the names of) could go through young pregnancy or stuck in a drug situation.
    These characters personality’s feel so new that they just seem like they’d be so good together for a series.

  14. To all the people saying that the ships are getting forced, there not really, Bughead has been going through stuff and then they worked it out, it not called being forced its called trying to fight through your problems, same with Varchie.

  15. Am I the only one thinking that Toni approaching Cheryl was kinda random? Or did I miss some plot that indicated Toni's interest in Cheryl before?

  16. I was watching Riverdale on showboxx but new episodes are not uploaded and cw app doesn't work where should I watch this can anyone let me know

  17. Many fans dont know how to differentiate the comic and this show like they always said veronica is bad and they always said that barchie is the endgame like dudess this show have different storyline so its up to the director what he or she want .im sick of people that compare the comic and this show

  18. Any body else feel there's no more real stakes to the show?
    Like the argument varchie v Bughead for example… It's getting heated…
    Some people break in… And later in pops… They're all made up….
    What?!! I miss S1!!

  19. CW has a habit of killing of people in lesbian Relationships. I don't want Cherl or Toni to die so sad times

  20. I really love this show! Like many fans I have an idea of what I like to see happen. The show is starting to slowly build up. I am excited to see Cheryl and Toni like many of you guys. But in all honesty, I may get crucified for this…. BUT Veronica is really making me irritated. Archie just seems like he is all over the place. Betty has a dark side, we GET IT. But if they would make her dark side pop out more, maybe make it more intense then I wouldn't roll my eyes every time she puts on the wig. Jug, well he is doing his same ol' thing which I believe we need more intense drama for his character. I hope that it doesn't just continue to go slow and then wait till the end for the big bang! We fans need some more drama, more mystery. We see how Chic is a bit odd but we really don't know why? I am curious as to why he is a bit on the off side and what really happened the night Betty walked in to find that guy dead. I am crossing my fingers that next week, we will have a little more drama and some answers

  21. I very much appreciate that they brought Love, Simon into this episode. I think I've never seen a series that promoted another movie and even showed scenes from it which turned out to be relevant for the plotline 🤔

  22. The only interesting thing right now probs Cheryl and Toni the rest is just meh to be honest. Like last episode veronica was just a grade A bitch.

  23. I'm very interested in the "farm" and if it is in fact cult-like as previously mentioned, also… Dagwood and Juniper lmao, as if those twins didnt have it twisted enough with their borderline hillbilly backstory. This should be good.

  24. I hope Toni helps Cheryl locate her chill, because she's wicked smart and if anyone could be an asset in investigating, deducing and intimidation it's Cheryl Blossom. If anyone could scare the living daylights out of Chic, it's her. Haha.

  25. Just patiently twiddling my thumbs waiting for the Sabrina show to come out. I know it won't be for quite a while, but I can wait.

  26. I miss the Jugheads homeless storyline. The ending of episode 4 from season 1 was heartbreaking but exciting at the same time because you were actually interested to see how'd he survive on his own, but that is when they started to force the Betty relationship and that killed the excitement. At first I was kind of happy he got with Betty but then Toni joined this season and I preferred that because she had that similar lifestyle and homelessness and is probably the only person to know what he's been through, but you know that's never gonna happen because they're just gonna ship her with Cheryl and then whine if they don't get together. Also, Jughead joining the Searpents at first was interesting and exciting when we were first told that'd happen but they ruined that and it looked like they had no idea how to write a good storyline about it. The show needs new writers or the writers have to take control back and tell fans to fuck off with their ships. How many of you people who just watch the show for your ship and know nothing about the actual show? Probably a lot so fuck off and stop ruining a once great show.

  27. honestly I want to see Veronica and Jughead as friends or something. I feel like that would be a plot twist..

  28. this show is just getting ridiculous and disgusting. great role modeling also for young school kids nowadays: sex and drinking and getaways alone without chaperones and parents. Great job.

  29. This show sucks so bad now I might drop it which will be the second show I stop watching entirely…the other one was vampire diaries in season 5…this show has gone down the shitter with the useless drama and cancerous ships I really hope they slow burn Cheryl and Toni’s relationship to make an actual likeable ship

  30. Season one had one constant —–> Jasons murder/murderer. But this season there is no constant. Too many plots: 1. Goodfellas Hiram and Archie 2. Black Hood 3. Chic the creep 4. The Cooper's covering up a murder 5. Jughead and Toni 6 . Jughead the Serpent 7. Drama between Varchie and Bughead 8. Cheryls and Toni 9. Jodies mom and sherriff Tom 10. Southside v Northside et cetera. Like WTF. Calm TF down. I can't. And why is Kevin not a main character???

  31. Proof that Chic is satan
    1 No normal human beings voice is that deep and husky at the same time
    2 If you noticed, in episode 14 when Jug picked up Betty for the weekend getaway, Jug was alone at the stairs, when all of a sudden, Chic appeared beside him.
    3 I've never seen a human being except for Chic get more scarier each time I see him.
    4 His smile.
    5 His name is Chic for God's sake!! That is not a normal human name. etc.

  32. Am I the only one that was extremely disappointed with the last episode? It was lacking so much substance.. The entire thing was ship-oriented like don't get me wrong, I care about the ships but riverdale was so much more than that.. Seems to me like they're doing whatever they can to give in to what the audience wants next in terms of the romance realm and that's exactly what's making the show so tacky and uninteresting. I liked riverdale more when they had their own agenda 🙁

  33. This show is a fucking joke now lmao, it's all fan service and nothing else that's why the show is such a fucking mess

  34. This season has dissapointed me.Season 1 was just amazing.However season 2 makes no sense and episode 14 was the worst of until now.They act like there 30 years old.

  35. I’m obsessed with riverdale and dynasty rn greatest shows to watch they both need more hype to them

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