Riverdale 2×15 Sneak Peek “There Will Be Blood” (HD) Season 2 Episode 15 Sneak Peek

Being mayor is something I dreamed about
ever since I was a little kid, so… In the back of my mind. And I know Riverdale’s had a lot
of downs lately, but maybe I could help get it
back on an upswing. And you don’t think it’s weird
Mr. Lodge is asking you to run? He’s not dumb, son. He spends a lot of
money in Riverdale. It makes sense he wants a friend
in the mayor’s office. Will you pay for your campaign? He offered to make a donation
to help me get going. But to be clear, Archie – If I decide to run, it won’t be for him. it’ll be for Riverdale. For me. For you.

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