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Riverdale 2×16 Extended Promo “Primary Colors” (HD) Season 2 Episode 16 Extended Promo

Mr. Cohen, what brings you to Riverdale? I’m here to endorse Hermione Lodge. You’re choosing Hiram’s side over his. You made a promise to me. I catch bad men. I’m out there facing what
you and daddy have done. I’m terrified of being alone here. This is our fight! I will knock you down. You’re scaring me, Betty! You’re scaring me! Riverdale all new episode
this Wednesday at 8/7c only on The CW and The CW app.

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48 thoughts on “Riverdale 2×16 Extended Promo “Primary Colors” (HD) Season 2 Episode 16 Extended Promo

  1. This show treats Veronica so bad. I remember in season one, she was the one that did everything for her friends and she was the one that helped other people the most out of the core four. Her going behind her friends' backs is very out of character to me, especially considering how much she disapproved of Hiram's actions in the first place.

  2. I get so annoyed by Betty, honestly. She's too much sometimes and doesn't know how to pull back or stop. Look how she went after Sheriff Keller, breaking into the man's office and running up to the motel door when he was there with the Mayor. With the whole Chic situation, she's pissing me off. Her father is completely right, she knows absolutely nothing about this guy or his life and she was so determined to bring him into her home, even so far as to choose him over her own father. And now she's not liking how things are going and look how she's acting. It's your fault, Betty!

  3. Does anyone else think that the reason why chic might've failed the blood test is because he indeed isn't a BLOSSOM….but he could still be Alice's son….with Fp?! 😮

  4. 1. Chic doesn't have blossom that what that means 😉 😉 (Falice)
    2. Toni as a VIXEN? what have they done to her?

    Scene 1, Pembrook: Some rich dude (according to synopsis, it's obviously Andy Cohen) comes to endorse Hermione in her campaign, there's probably an official meeting at the Lodge house. For some reason, Kevin is there?

    Scene 2, Pop's: Jug and Archie meet up at Pop's and Jughead says "She chooses Hiram's sides over his". Who is the she? Might be Veronica or Archie's mother given the next scene? Or Hermione? And is Archie on Jughead's side or on Hiram's side? Well I think it's not Veronica we are talking about because it's Jughead who says that and he says that to Archie. Would be weird to phrase the sentence like this if it was Veronica. But who else would they be talking about here?

    Scene 3, Andrews house: The next scene is Archie's mom leaving the dinner table angrily. Fred is there and he seems not pleased. But from what it seems to me, the mom isn't angry with Fred. Archie is there too. She might be angry with Arch or there's someone else sitting at the table (Hiram?).

    Scene 4: Then there's Hiram saying "you made a promise to me" to Archie (I thought it was Archie's mother because of the weird hair but the person Hiram's talking to has grey shirt like Archie does in the previous scene where he's probably watching his mother leaving the table).

    Scene 5, the house of Rose Blossom: We see Chic sleeping and Betty being creepier than ever with a lighter above her brother's head???
    And she tells Chic "I catch bad men". Chic seems genuinly scared. I wonder what he told her that she left him stay with them but still threathens him.

    Scene 6, high school: Picture of evil Veronica, probably made by Reggie. And then we see Veronica leave some school gathering with Josie in the background. We see Reggie in the football jacket holding the poster we saw in the previous scene. It's probably a protest against the Lodges and the people there are targeting Veronica.

    Scene 7, Pembrook: Then we see Veronica crying to her mother probably because her classmates turned on her. "I'm out there facing what you and daddy have done" (srsly Veronica, you are to blame as much as your parents are). Hermione seems that it really touches her.

    Scene 9, house of Rose Blossom: Scared Cheryl wakes up. There's a weird thing going on with the door handle. She tells someone "I'm terrified of being alone here." Then there's Cheryl and Toni watching something downstairs and Cheryl is screaming from fear.

    Scene 10, high school: Toni in Vixen clothes.

    Scene 11, high school: Jugghead having a speech probs about Hiram's politics. "This is our fight!"

    Scene 12, outside the towh hall: Archie with a wrench with tons of people ahead of him. Those people are probably serpents and their associates. There's Jughead with other serpents and it seems they had taken the town hall and chained the entry. That's probably why Archie is carrying the monkey wrech, to destroy the chains. Which means he's still side-ing with Hiram here. Or at least he wants it to look like that. Then there's FP telling Archie "I will knock you down" which basically confirms it.

    Scene 13, Cooper house: Betty leaving the kitchen, we see Chic behind her. Chic is wearing a blue shirt here.

    Scene 14, Cooper house: Chic screaming at Betty "You are scaring me!" but he's wearing a red shirt here. So it's a different occasion than what we see in the previous scene. He looks really psychotic here.

    Scene 15, Penelope's car: Penelope driving Cheryl somewhere, Cheryl looks scared and Penelope devious.

    Scene 16, high school: Veronica punching Reggie in the face which probably has something to do with the poster of evil Veronica. Josie and Kevin are watching.

    Synopsis: In the aftermath of Hiram’s (Mark Consuelos) newly announced plans for Riverdale, Jughead (Cole Sprouse) resorts to drastic measures to voice his opposition. After making her own big announcement, Hermoine’s (Marisol Nichols) friend Andy Cohen (guest star Andy Cohen) comes to town to lend a hand. Meanwhile, Veronica (Camila Mendes) goes against her parent’s wishes to keep a low profile when she decides to run for student council president. Elsewhere, Mary (guest star Molly Ringwald) arrives in Riverdale just as tensions between Fred (Luke Perry) and Archie (KJ Apa) reach a breaking point. Finally, following a series of mysterious events, Cheryl (Madelaine Petsch) begins to fear that someone is out to get her.

  6. Veronica is stupid asf, she’s such a hypocrite, she’s known about her father’s dodgy dealings for ages now and now she’s playing the victim?! Archie is just as idiotic, he’s so easily manipulated? How could he turn his back on his own dad?

  7. I love Archie but he’s annoying AF now. I want to believe that he’s secretly on the Lodges side just to be like jk I was playing y’all this whole time in the end. 🤔😂 & Veronica.. I’ve always hated her for some reason. She just seems like a spoiled brat who thinks she can solve everyone’s problems when the problems are mainly coming from her “Daddy” 🙄

  8. just need to check, im not the only one who thinks chic is the black hood, right? the eyes match the eyes archie constantly remembers

  9. Guys i'm really confused. I'm not on veronica's side but whats bad about opening the prison? maybe i'm just dumb lol

  10. Ok people, I see a lot in the comments section, I understand that there are some in the scenes that you hate and story line that you don't like but please you don't have to fight over each other. Lets just enjoy this show and have a friendly arguments lol 😀

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