100 thoughts on “Riverdale 3×04 Promo “The Midnight Club” (HD) Season 3 Episode 4 Promo

  1. love how cole and lili are dating, how cole and lili's characters are dating and how cole and lili's other characters are also dating 🙂

  2. Are you fucking kidding me I thought the flash back will be this week episode? Is this a soap why are they dragging it like this

  3. Ok, I read that someone guessed it is a Breakfast Club style episode….but did anyone else saw who is the guy saying their names and welcome to detention?

  4. We all know. Betty fucking enjoys kissing Archie!! And that she still has feelings for him. It doesn't matter. That it's Alice and Fred. It's still cheating!! And you all will still give Betty. A fucking free pass.. For kissing her bff's boyfriend. And cheating on Jughead again. Just because it's their parents. And not really them. But we all know. Betty still has feelings for Archie. And Ronnie is the slut?

  5. Hey I don’t know why I’m here ever since season 2 I can’t watch riverdale in my opinion it’s a load of crap and there’s too much stuff going on.

  6. Am I the only one not looking forward to the flashback episode? I kind of don’t care about the parents and I just want this season to be moved on.

  7. I guess no one noticed that Archie’s story is like the Shawshank Redemption, with a bad warden forcing him to do shit, and Archie rebelling and trying to keep the other prisoners from just being manipulated and not forget they are human beings, a rock hammer, and planning an escape!

  8. Hopefully they will actually portray correctly what the parents (FP, Alice, Fred) were like and not mirror images of their original characters (Betty, Jughead, etc)

  9. Okay, if the first Falice kiss we're gonna see is by Lili and Cole potraying younger versions of Alice and FP and not madchen and skeet, I'm gonna scream

  10. I’m looking forward to seeing Hermoine, Penelope and FP’s, as well as Josie’s mom’s backstories . Hermoine looks like the goodie goodie girl . I wonder if there will be a Mary or Hal in this . I wonder if Hermoine is rich

  11. I don't know how I feel about this I think I will like it better if they just got new actors that actually look like the parents.

  12. Omg here I was thinking both Alice and FP grew up in the gang…looks more like Alice corrupted FP!!! 😂😮😮 any who…juggie/sprouse is looking gr8 in the jock uniform

  13. Riverdale copying The Breakfast Club… I can't believe I could have less respect for this show than I have now but I do

  14. What basically happened in the trailer:
    They were all in detention.
    FP and Alice "kissed".
    FP ran half naked with Fred.
    Fred and Alice kissed.

  15. Theory – Sabrina has the “goat-headed-monstrous” figure hiding under the mines. Tommy was hidden in the mines. His body was then buried in Riverdale, as stated by Harvey.
    What if Tommy’s burial in Riverdale has triggered the goat monster in the mine to pass by the woods of Riverdale? And maybe the goat headed monster is Lord or father Edgar or sth?

  16. I’m so excited but also excited because Jellybean is going to be in this season! And she is soo pretty (her name is Trinity Likins)

  17. We are so going to get the Riverdale and Sabrina crossover everything is hinting on this and I so can’t wait for it! 😍😍

  18. Are we all just gonna ignore that they're all the same age, got put in the same classes, and then had kids like 20 years later who were also the same age and got put in the same classes? Okaaay then…

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