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Riverdale 4×01 Sneak Peek “In Memoriam” (HD) Season 4 Episode 1 Sneak Peek

So camping this weekend we still on I’m open but what are we talking about here like the woods but remember this could Possibly be our last summer to do this because next year. We’ll be getting ready to go to college and if anyone is scared of bears, well, don’t be because Archie’s been attacked like what multiple times and still survived? Hey, how are my scars? Probably? Hey Dad! Archie!

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100 thoughts on “Riverdale 4×01 Sneak Peek “In Memoriam” (HD) Season 4 Episode 1 Sneak Peek

  1. He was the onl y normal parent that weren’t possessed or anything this episodes gonna be so sad 😭😭😭❤️

  2. Despite that the writing has been bad, what’s been keeping this show popular is because the acting is really good.

  3. bro i met luke last march when they were filming the season 2 finale and i had such a great time with him. he was so genuine and kind and pointed out how we were matching. it felt like i’ve known him for years when talking to him. i grew up watching 90210 even tho i’m only 15. he was such a kind soul. may he rest in peace ❤️

  4. AHHHHHH I’ve literally just been looking at the season 4 premiere countdown!!!!! Me and my friends were so excited today!!! Who else?

  5. This will be such an emotional episode, I cannot imagine how the cast and crew were feeling when they read the script and filmed the episode. Luke will be forever loved and forever missed. RIP Luke😢😢.

  6. ok i was told it would be on tonight but no i have been waiting all day to watch it on the cw app but it only shows this and then it was it will the next day. bull im pissed

  7. KJ Apa is actually a very good actor. Would love to see him in more serious roles and branch out of teen dramas and Netflix rom-coms.

  8. I wish I could say that he didn't die he took the mind night train going anywhere and I wish I could say the same with Cameron Boyce but I kinda can't because it's Cory/Finn Hudson thing Rest In Peace my favorite actors ❤️

  9. I just got done watching the first episode of season 4 on cw every weds I think it comes on it was great

  10. Riverdale S04E01 is hand down my favorite episode of the series. Not only to did the writers, actress, and actors did a amazing job on this episode because its was their true emotions. This was the perfect way to honor Luke Perry aka Fred Andrew's character on the show and I love every minute of it. Its was sad and heartfelt at the same time thank you Riverdale's crew, writers, actresses and actors for giving us a proper way to say goodbye to a beloved character.

  11. WHY DOES EVERYONE ONLY CARE ABOUT THE SHOW, we lost a real person people. “He was the only good parent” true but is that the only reason people are upset? Because he won’t be in the show anymore? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?

  12. 0:20 onwards why is Jughead shown eating when Archie is talking but when the camera is back on Jughead he's just sitting there wtfff

  13. Im here because i just watched the first episode. This is the ONLY episode i cried watching. Not just from Riverdale but the only movie/episode i cried to. RIP we will always love you! 💕😞😭

  14. Sometimes i wonder if the food in tv shows actually taste good. I mean it looks good, but does it taste good. 😂

  15. Its weird growing up to watching Luke Perry as a teen heartthrob then next thing you know hes playing a middle aged father…. its like one day you wake up and things are different. One day AJ is gunna play a middle age character and its jus gunna feel weird. Cycle of life is terrifying

  16. Man they go straight in to his death, had me in straight tears the moment he answered that phone I knew it was his dad/Luke Perry!

    Rest In Peace ☮️ so sad 😭

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