71 thoughts on “Riverdale 4×09 Promo “Tangerine” (HD) Season 4 Episode 9 Promo Mid-Season Finale

  1. Everyone knows jughead is the narrator of riverdale and he is often typing a sort of diary on his computer, what if he has created riverdale and Betty isn't real, Archie and Veronica aren't real either, and fp is still an alcoholic and he's just writing these stories to escape his dark life

  2. the 8th episode was good. Finally, we felt that they are high school students. more school scenes. mention of "River Vixens" (they had totally forgotten that). Well, I miss the Riverdale where there used to be SouthSide Serpents, Riverdale BullDogs, River Vixens, Josie and the Pussycats, Just High schoolers going to their school and little investigations. It is a mess rn!

  3. Does anyone else think maybe the real reason why Alice gave Betty a hard time in the last episode is because well, Betty is dating Jughead, which alice is dating his dad too. She doesn't want her to date jughead so she can continue to see fp. Does anyone else think this?

  4. I think the story that Jughead wrote is actually his own murder. Because they were told to write about a perfect murder. So he is not actually dead. Everything is a part of the story.

    2:Alice our Betty through so much
    3:Everyone put Betty through a hard time
    4:I don’t want this to be a dream cuz then jughead can save Betty from Alice
    5: Betty needs to have a relaxing break
    6: Betty deserves to be happy

  6. the fact that this shit is getting renewed right after the premiere and underrated shows like anne with an e are getting cancelled
    and awae s3 isn't even on netflix yet!!
    im really SICK of this.

  7. I would be disappointed if all the flashforward are just a story written by Jughead. All this mystery just for this.. I hope it’s something else

  8. I don’t understand this of anyone watched the last episode ok so Betty and Veronica/ Archie are in for juhead Jones death then why do I keep seeing him and that happened 3 times one on table the his dad in school and know mugs pictures why cant we find more about Betty brother relationship instead or the book of juhead new school you can’t kill him he is one of the main cast members and it bughead Plus can we see what’s happening with mustang and his gang members too so stop with the death row with Juhead and pick one of these and I also want more on Charles and how he walk in and Betty mom is cool with it and Betty tells the truth why chery I can’t wait to find out more about her and that doll and how it her brother so please deep down stop with him than you

  9. Okay let’s be real, chery’s weird ‘absorbed’ triplet is almost definitely going to turn out to have survived and is going to come to Riverdale as a villain

  10. We know nothing fatal happens to betty here if they already kept showing her with archie and veronica being accused to jugheads’ “murder.”
    Because we all know they will kill off jughead like they did before, when he remained dead right? Pfft

  11. Who else just started singing "you are…my fire, the one…desire" in their head when seeing the Thumbnail? Because of the scene in Brooklyn nine-nine?

  12. Why does riverdale and legacies have the same promo? I mean for legacies is red and it's letter L but who copied who??

  13. Despite everything, I have the hope that this season will get better. Episode 8 set the foundation for what can be a character-centered show that deals with their emotional problems. I also really enjoyed the way the therapist reacted to all of the crazy nonsense that they have been living

  14. so, betty got the genes from alice, not hal,(charles has them too, it would only make sense) and alice gaslit hal into going insane and murdering those people OR
    betty doesn’t have the genes, and her results were accidentally switched with her mother’s OR
    it’s a dream

    my brain hurts

  15. Eu acho q a Alice tbm tem o genis serial killer,pq se o chalés não é filho do Raul e e ele q tem o genis.Entao ele pegou o genis ou da Alice ou do fp.Entendeu a minha teoria?

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