Riverdale | Casey Cott – Life After Cult | The CW

(heavy breathing)
(grunting) – I am so sorry.
(yelling) For the way I treated you well
I was under Edgar’s spell. – Oh, you mean like when
you dragged me by my ankles to get a lobotomy? – Yeah, we saw Kevin do
some pretty monstrous things at the end of, the end of the
season including trying to lobotomize Betty. I hope that I can show
you how much I’ve changed and I hope that I prove to you
that you can trust me again. Season four kind of starts
off with Kevin trying to reclaim trust from
his friends, from Betty. While also trying to find his
new place where he fits in in the friend group. I don’t need the farm
to make me feel whole but I do need my friends. Especially my former best friend. (gentle music)

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