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Riverdale | KJ Apa vs Dodger | The CW

– [Male Voice] Malcolm said that the thugs work for some guy name Dodger. He recruits kids from the arcade, gets them to break into
houses, make deliveries, jack cars, all kinds of crap. – Well the reason for the community center is to help the kids who
are living on the street and Archie finds out,
that a lot of these kids are being influenced
by a guy called Dodger. That’s it, I’m done playing. – Yeah, you do that, son. Come here and get your ass shot. – Dodger is a thug who works
out of the Wipeout Arcade. I vowed to create a safe space
for the kids in this town, something my dad could be proud of. It’s never gonna happen as long as guys like Dodger
are out on the streets. He’s trying to get all these kids to join the community center but there’s reasons why these
kids are obligated to Dodger. – You’re a dead man, you hear me. You’re a dead man. (suspenseful music)

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