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Riverdale | Madelaine Petsch – Can’t Let Go | The CW

(bangs) – What kind of sick monster are you! Did anything big happen? My dead brother in my
basement, are you kidding? Welcome home, JJ. I’ll tell you one thing, I have some funny photos
of me and dead Jason that I’ve been taking, ’cause he’s my, mostly my scene partner for most of my scenes. (chuckles) And he doesn’t talk. Well, he does in my head, but not, you know, out loud. So, I take a lot of fun selfies with him, we have a good time. Sit on his lap, hang out, you know. – Wait, what? (mischievous suspenseful music)

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12 thoughts on “Riverdale | Madelaine Petsch – Can’t Let Go | The CW

  1. I absolutely adore Mads she is beyond beautiful in every way.. I really wish Riverdale writers would just send Cheryl to therapy they could do soo much more with Cheryl and make her character continue to have an amazing arc but instead they want to backslide smh..anyways I will still love Choni no matter what and Cheryl will always be my wife lmao

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