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Riverdale | Marisol Nichols Interview: Jailbird | The CW

– That was our attorney. – What was Daddy hiding? – FBI! Hands up, now. – (laughs) Jail’s
wonderful, thank you, yeah. Our room service is amazing. – What the hell is going on? – Hermione Lodge, you’re under arrest for conspiracy to commit murder. – The end of season three,
Hermione got arrested in front of her daughter,
it was wonderful. I’m still trying to figure
out what she was arrested for. There’s so many things
that she’s done wrong. The list goes on and on. Killing Small Fry, forging
her daughter’s signature, quarantining the whole
town for no good reason, trying to kill her husband. (laughs) There’s a lot, yeah, she’s been busy. I love you, mija. – I love you too, Mom. (upbeat music)

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28 thoughts on “Riverdale | Marisol Nichols Interview: Jailbird | The CW

  1. How dare Hiram send his own ex wife in jail for no reason?? Now I definitely know that Hiram Lodge is definitely known as the major antagonist (villain) of #Riverdale of all time
    P.S., I'm a huge fan of Riverdale!

  2. She is the reason why I am gonna catch up I was in season 3 episode 5 of that horrible episode of the breakfast club and I had to stop it was all fanbase

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