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Riverdale | Season 1 Recap

Riverdale isn’t just a show it’s a
lifestyle which means re-watching an entire season isn’t an easy task
yeah soon enough you’ll be craving milkshakes only wearing crown shaped
beanies and wondering what the heck is jingle jangle so let’s break down all
the oMG moments from season one it all starts with the mysterious murder of
Jason blossom the star football player of Riverdale high his twin sister Cheryl
blossom claims Jason fell off of a boat and drowned in Sweetwater River but
Kevin Keller and moose Mason end up finding his washed-up corpse with a
bullet wound straight to the head but wait the plot thickens see Archie
Andrews overhears a gunshot while he was hooking up with his music teacher
miss Grundy at Sweetwater River on the fourth of July meanwhile Archie’s
childhood bestie Betty Cooper is like in love with him and his abs this whole
time but the fields are not reciprocated he ends up dating valerie from josie and
the pussycats but that only lasts for a short time because he was like the worst
boyfriend ever seriously Archie eventually falls head-over-heels
in love with Miss Veronica Lodge who hops into town straight on New York City
her family returns to Riverdale after her dear old dad Hirum lands himself in
jail everyone’s obsessed with Archie but all he wants to do is make music
his dad however wants him to focus on football and eventually take over the
family construction company. Enter Betty your typical girl next door with a high
a phony tail who happens to be a straight-a student and wants to solve
Jayson blossoms murder on the side casual hobbies these kids have choked
had Jones aside from being the narrator of the show is obsessed with serving
justice to Riverdale and solving Jason’s murder naturally during juggy and
Betty’s investigation to find out who really killed Jason they end up falling
in love hashtag bug head forever and ever but
it’s not all rainbows and sunshine for them jugheads dad FV Jones is a member
of the Southside serpent gang hints of getting wrongly arrested for the murder
of Jason blossom he was just blackmailed into helping covering up the murder he
didn’t actually do it and so Jughead has to move into a foster family’s home and
gets transferred to Southside High meanwhile Betty’s sister Polly was a
mystery for most of the season but we eventually find out she’s actually
pregnant with Jayson blossoms baby yes well
babies since she’s having twins the two were going to run off together before
Jason was killed and add another layer to the story because why not we then
find out that the reason the blossom family and the Cooper family have such a
feud is because they’re actually related yeah one of their great grand pappies
called the other great grandpappy so major plot twist
as for who killed Jason it’s none other than his father
Clifford blossom that family of redheads is just like so not okay and their whole
maple syrup business yeah that was all a front for a ton of illegal activity the
blossom fam had going on Riverdale is one seriously twisted town that also
happens to be very foggy and now for the cliffhanger of all cliffhangers
Archie’s dad Fred Andrews gets shot in Riverdale cherished Pop’s diner no less
all we know is the culprit had green eyes and wore a black hood and there we
have the major plot point of season two

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