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Riverdale Season 2 “Hiram Changes Everything” Interview (HD)

(knocking) – Hey, Veronica, may I speak to you? – Daddy? – Daddy?
– Daddy? – I’m Mark Consuelos,
and I play Hiram Lodge. – Hiram, throughout all of
season one, is a mystery. – It feels like the character has been on almost every episode. (laughs) – The evil hand of Hiram, yes. – And I think season two, he’s kinda gonna arrive like The Godfather. – I came home early to surprise you. Imagine my surprise when you
weren’t here to greet me. – And she drank your Cristal. – So disrespectful. – Hiram is the kinda
man you don’t mess with. He is charming, he’s handsome,
he’s all those things that your mother warned
you to stay away from. Of course, like everything in Riverdale, nothing is as it seems. So underneath the charm and the wit and all that stuff Hiram,
is a powerful, powerful man that you just don’t mess with. – Lower your voice and sit. So we can speak civilly. – It’s gonna be really hard doing scenes with Mark Consuelos. I’m gonna try to look
past his unfortunate face, his unfortunate features … God did not smile down on that man, but ya know, it’s what’s
inside that counts. So I’m gonna be strong,
I’m a professional. Nice to have you back, Hiram. (laughing) (slow, suspenseful piano music)

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16 thoughts on “Riverdale Season 2 “Hiram Changes Everything” Interview (HD)

  1. If Kelly ripa saw this interview and how Hermione talks about her husband be warned the next death in riverdale will be Hermione lol

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