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Riverdale Season 4 NY Comic-Con Trailer (HD)

– [Jughead] So, camping this weekend. Are we still on? – [Veronica] I’m open. But what are we talking about here? Like… – [Betty] The woods. But remember… This could possibly be our last
summer to do this because next year we’ll be
getting ready to go to college. (Archie’s cell phone rings) – [Archie] Hey, dad. – [Veronica] Archie! – [Archie] It hurts me that
I never got to say goodbye. Fred Andrews will
always be a part of Riverdale. – [Munroe] Didn’t you say we were going to turn
this place into a community center, Red? – [Archie] You’re right. It feels like it’s time. Munroe and I will group the kids for boxing
and MMA lessons according to their age. – [Munroe] And keep the gym open until 10pm, so kids like my brother have
a place to hang after school. – [Archie] What do you think, mom? – [Mary] Your father never
would’ve believed this. Everything you’ve been building here. – [Veronica] As well as you fill them out, you’re not actually considering
fighting crime in those tights, are you? – [Archie] Of course not. I’m gonna need a mask. – [Hiram] I’m not paying for your crimes. I merely told the truth. I told the world what you are. – [Veronica] I’m no stranger to scandal. That’s what it means to be a Lodge. – [Hermione] There is so much about
your father that you do not know. – [Veronica] Well then I think
you should tell me, so I’m ready for
whatever is coming next. – [Jughead] Well we are certainly
not in Riverdale High anymore. – [Brett] You Forsythe? Brett, Weston Wallace. – I’d watch your back around Brett. – [Jughead] Why? What is his deal? – [FP] Show those preppies
what it means to be a Jones man. Bring honor to our name. – [Betty] What’s happening? Have you heard from mom? – [Charles] No. Tonight makes five days without contact. She’s never been MIA longer than 4. – [Betty] We don’t actually know
anything about Charles. Why is he still in Riverdale? – [Cheryl] Rise and shine, my dearest. It’s another magnificent day
that’s ours for the taking. – [Toni] This is not
Jason moving this board. – Antionette’s right. It’s Julia. – [Veronica] I already regret this. (Hermione slaps Hiram) – [Hiram] Was that foreplay? – [Reggie] You’re dead to me, Andrews! – [Jughead] Shut your mouth!

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100 thoughts on “Riverdale Season 4 NY Comic-Con Trailer (HD)

  1. Oh wow! This might be the season where Riverdale has an actual plot (unlike season 2 and 3)… But I said the same thing about season 3..

  2. It got to the point where I was literally only watching for choni and now cheryl is like batshit crazy sooooo

  3. 2:31 Betty wearing the same hat that (in the other trailer) the woman how hit her was wearing the anyone noticed?

    –1:42 and who the h*** is antionell and julien

  4. This show is so fucked up that everything else fucked up in the world looks at this show and says “damn! That’s fucked up!”

  5. Wait fp and Alice had a moment and that makes Betty and jughead kinda step brother and sister ahhhh what has riverdale turned into

  6. remember when this show actually had an interesting plotline, nice cinematography and a cast that actually liked what they did? cause i do. i literally just want this show canceled at this point so they can stop running it into the ground. let the actors go.

  7. Why is everyone hating on the season 4?

    I mean, this isn't the high school musical*, right? This is *RIVERDALE.

    Who else agrees with me? Like

  8. Viewers: “it would be so nice to see them actually doing normal high school things and be in school”

    Producers: “we know just the thing” puts in stripping scene

    EDIT: i watched it free on chillnflix . to
    i got you fam xo

  9. This was really well written and a proper tribute to Luke. My father died when I was 5 so it was very touching.

  10. Je suis française donc je comprend pas ce qu ils dis mais ca a l'air trop bien

    Le père d'archi va mourir ???????? 😱😱

  11. Why other want make this season just teenagers go to school and more nothing. It would be boring . If you watch other tv shows they have a lot of problems, but they still go to school. So I hope in this season it would be smt like that

  12. Season 1 was a guilty pleasure, now is difficult to me to see how absurd this show turned, Looking back I would rather if the show was all about school, romance and other drama , making the show dark was a bad idea in the long term. So bad the writers didnt get more inspiration from Dawson's Creek.

  13. Riverdale: “going back to the roots of season 1”
    Also riverdale: “that’s not Jason it’s the scary doll in the wheel chair”

  14. Cast – This is going to be like season 1.

    Me – Don't do that don't give me hope.

    Trailer – Was that foreplay?

    Me – I am going to regret watching riverdale S4
    Yet still watches it

  15. Chyba jednak wznowie oglądane serialu, chociaż nie chce mi się wracać do 3 sezonu bo był moim zdaniem chujowy. Streści mi więc ktoś może mniej więcej żebym wiedziała jak się skończył 3 ?

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