Riverdale (The CW) KJ Apa Interview HD

– Hi, teen Outlander.
– Hey, nice outfit. My name is KJ Apa I’m playing Archie Andrews on the new show Riverdale. Archie’s I guess he’s your
standard high school kid who’s going through puberty
and after the summer he’s come back to school
and he’s attracting girls he probably wasn’t attracting before hand, he’s evenly bobbed up a bit I think. He’s not the same Archie from the comics he also discovers his passion
for music over the summer so he’s adamant that music is his thing. I want to write music.
– Football takes you to college. College takes you to business
school, business school takes you.
– Takes me back here. But his old man wants him
to start playing football and that creates a tiny bit of conflict between him and his dad which is really fun to see. – I’ve been thinking about us. – He definitely thinks of
Betty as just a friend. And she doesn’t he can’t
really pick up on certain flirticious kind of things
but when he sees Veronica it’s just endgame. He just sees her and he’s
like yeah, it just hits him. Can I sit Jughead? – If you want. Jughead is Archie’s best
friend but something happened before the first episode
that’s caused a lot of conflict and they’re still trying
to get over something but we’ll find out more about
that as the series goes on. Archie and Miss Grundy and
what happened over the summer is so secretive it’s literally
only him and her know, It means so much to Archie
he’s thinking about that 24-7 throughout the whole episode. I think he really does have deep down, he’s got a lot of feelings for he. With Jason I mean I
don’t know what to expect I honestly have no idea
it’s exciting for me to see what’s gonna happen. Archie definitely has some secrets and we’re definitely gonna
learn a bit more about those as the series goes on for sure. (delicate music)

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