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Riverdale (The CW) Lili Reinhart Interview HD

– Are you excited, nervous? – Both, I haven’t seen him all summer. I’m Lili Reinhart and I play
Betty Cooper on Riverdale. Betty, at this point in her life, she’s not necessarily happy, she’s under a lot of
pressure from her mom, and you can see that pressure
really starting to get to her. – Oh my God. – What? – [Male] Archie got hot. – When you first see Betty and Archie, they’ve been best friends forever, they grew up together. Betty is just coming back to Riverdale after a summer away, so she’s coming back and
she’s kind of seeing Archie as a man for the first time. I’ve been thinking about us, Archie. And she wants him to see her as a woman. I think Archie’s a little oblivious, so Betty kind of is going to struggle with presenting her in that light to her long time best friend, which is definitely a challenge. – [Veronica] Hi. – Hey. – I think Betty’s very easily intimidated because she’s not 100%
comfortable with herself yet. – Veronica Lodge. – Archie Andrews. – So, she sees this
beautiful kind of new toy come into Riverdale and Archie’s
obviously very interested. – Look, if you wanna be River
Vixen I’ll help you prep, I have moves. – I think Betty’s obviously very skeptical as to why Veronica’s being sweet to her, but in the end it’s
because Veronica’s trying to change her image
and be a better person, so I think she thinks that
hanging out with someone who seems very sweet and wholesome is gonna help her do that. It’s not as much of a frenemy
situation for right now, but they care about each other and you definitely see that. – Veronica, welcome to the River Vixens. Betty, better luck next time. – I think Cheryl is cruel to Betty because she envies her innocence, so obviously Cheryl’s
gonna take advantage of her and try to crack her a little bit. She wants to see this girl
who has the perfect image, and she wants to kind of
destroy her image a little bit, and it gets to her, and you kind of see her start to crack, cracks on the surface a little bit.

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38 thoughts on “Riverdale (The CW) Lili Reinhart Interview HD

  1. I hope that that gay best friend isn't like the usual typical gay best friends you find in every show. he needs his own shit or else why even make him gay just to serve stereotypes "oh he's there for bitchy comments and give good advices to his besties"

  2. Hey, I RP Archie Andrews we got a Veronica and a Jughead, we're looking for the other characters, especially Betty 😛 feel free to sign up and message me

  3. I am for sure, going to watch this TV show. So many are having their final episodes now, gotta fill in the free space from the others with new ones. This is on the top of my list. Well of course after Making History haha

  4. Didnt betty dated ronny in the comic or they had a fling? an archie was jealous. Also in the comic i thought Archie liked betty a lot?

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