Riverdale (The CW) Mädchen Amick Interview HD

– What is that? I’m Mädchen Amick, and
I play Alice Cooper. – I made the cheerleading squad. – Cheryl Blossom’s cheerleading squad? Alice Cooper wants
perfection in her world, and she’s a control freak, and she wants her daughters to be perfect. Take that off right now. Alice puts a lot of demands on Betty, but she wants the best for her and will do anything to get it for her. Girls like Cheryl and Veronica
Lodge, they don’t like girls like us–
I don’t wanna hear it, mom. – There’s some insecurity
that’s bubbling underneath. Hermoine Lodge. Park Avenue princess to cater waiter. – Alice Cooper, no longer
lactose intolerant I see. – Hermoine was absolutely a mean girl, and Alice got the worst of that. So, there’s a lot to smooth over between the two ladies. – You have to stop sensationalizing
this horrible thing. – She’s got a pretty
manipulative side behind her. We own the Riverdale Register. We have a responsibility to
keep the people informed. She ends up getting lots of good gossip. Small bills, right? That she gest to hold on people and manipulate people to her advantage. Alice has a lot of
skeletons in her closet, and she’s locked that closet tight, but somebody may have a key. I guess we’ll reveal some
secrets as the season goes on. (dramatic music)

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