Riverdale (The CW) Marisol Nichols and Mädchen Amick Interview HD

– Penelope Blossom, I
thought I might run into you. Would you like to give me
a quote regarding the– (whacks) – The parents have more–
– The parents have way– – Drama than the kids.
– More drama on the show. – Totally. – Get in the car Betty, now! It’s fun to see that even
though you’re getting to know Betty, Veronica and Archie
and their dynamic and– – You see where they came from and where they got what they got. – But there’s a lot of
history of the parents that happened before them. – Yeah. – I’m going over to Veronica’s
to study for a test. – I don’t want you associating
with a girl like that. So Alice is trying to create
a perfect world for Betty. Girls like Cheryl and Veronica Lodge, they don’t like girls like– – I don’t wanna hear it, Mom. – Even though it may
come off on the surface, that she’s just a control freak and wants everything perfect– – You said it. – It’s because she’s trying to keep Betty from going through the hurt
that Alice went through as a teenager and she’s trying
to protect her from that. Hermione Lodge, Park Avenue
Princess to cater waiter. – Alice Cooper, no longer
lactose intolerant I see. Hermione, unlike some people,
is not a control freak and is willing to let
other things control her and make the best of the circumstances. We’re surviving Ronnie, by our wits because that’s
what we Lodge women do. If Dad could see us now. Hermione’s gonna do anything
that she can for her family and if that means lowering
her station in life and swallowing her pride and just– – Or killing a young boy.
– Making things go right, she’s gonna do that.
– She just does it. She just does it. – Because she cares more about her kid than she does herself. – I don’t know what that is. – Be sure to put all that
cash in the register, you are a Lodge after all, and Lodges are known
to have sticky fingers. – [Veronica] Cheryl. – Honey I got this. Cheryl I went to school with your mother, she didn’t know the difference
between having money and having class either.

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