Riverdale (The CW) Marisol Nichols Interview HD

– Next time, Mija, you come to me first. You don’t take matters
into your own hands. I’m Marisol Nichols, and
I play Hermione Lodge. Hermione is originally from Riverdale, and she’s been in New
York for a long time, and so Hermione is
moving back to Riverdale after her husband, Hiram, has gone to prison for embezzlement. So, she has to overcome that whole thing and prejudice against
her and maybe how she was in high school, ’cause she
was kind of a mean girl. She’s got some damage to make up. If Dad could see us now– – He’d say, “You look
stunning in that new uniform.” – Hermione’s daughter is Veronica Lodge, and Veronica and Hermione
get along very well. They’ve both been through a very rough, sort of dark situation in New York and are very humbled,
and that’s where we start when we pick up our pilot. Hermione, in high school,
dated Luke Perry’s character, Fred Andrews, and they really,
really cared for each other, but then Hermione made the
wrong choice and went with the rich guy, so now that
she’s back in Riverdale, there could be some sparks
there with Fred Andrews. We will see. – Hermione Lodge. Park Avenue princess to cater waiter. – Hermione’s arch-nemesis
would be Alice Cooper. Alice would say her arch-nemesis
would be Hermione Lodge, so we’ll see, you know,
who wins that battle. It’s gonna be really juicy
and really, really good. (dramatic music)

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