Riverdale | Who Is Hermosa? | The CW

– You see our father needed help. – I don’t understand. – I’m Hiram’s other daughter. – Hermosa is my husband’s love child. Welcome to Riverdale, isnt’ that awesome. – How many more secret children
should we be expecting? – Who is this chick? Like we sort of obviously have established we have an open marriage, but I didn’t go and have
kids with someone else. Let’s go, get out, go back to your mama. – You don’t know our father
as well as you think you do. – There is literally
nothing you could tell me about Hiram Lodge that would surprise me. Hermosa is definitely Veronica’s nemesis. – She has the exact
opposite reaction to Hiram than Veronica does. – My mom can roll out the welcome mat for you two rum-sucking
leeches if she wants, but I’m not giving up my space, nor my place in this family. I’m not giving an inch. Not to you, not ever. (upbeat music)

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