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S2E7: “Lull”

Good morning, baby. [LINE RINGING] DANIEL:
Good morning, sunshine.
Hey, did you go
to the dealership already? Uh, no, I’m at the dojo. I wanna get an early jump
on today’s lesson plan. Right, yeah,
that sounds important.Are you still coming in?
We have that lunch
with Anoush.
That’s today?Yeah.Look, Daniel, he isn’t happy.He’s been doing a lot for us.
Not to mention getting
punched in the stomach.
All right, no problem.It’s gonna be a light day.
I’ll be there.
Don’t worry, all right? I love you. [LINE DISCONNECTS] [PUNCHING] Robby? I guess the early bird
catches the worm… It’s a cute little place
you got here. You teach karate,
or gardening? So, this is what it comes to? Breaking and entering? I’m just here
to say thank you. Thank me for what? Well, taking our weakest
soldiers from our ranks. That was kind. Soldiers… They’re kids. We were all kids, once. You may think you got
the best of Johnny Lawrence. But I promise you, this time,
I won’t let him lose. Lose what? This isn’t war. Sure it is. War never ends. Peace is just the lull
between battles. Did you really think you can
attack Cobra Kai and there
wouldn’t be any consequences? You better hope that
your students are ready. Because I promise you,
ours will be. [CIGAR SIZZLES] Regards to Mr. Miyagi. [SLURPING] [POP MUSIC PLAYING ON SPEAKERS] It’s good. It has fresh acai, organic kale,
and free trade hemp oil. Hemp oil?
I mean, this isn’t gonna get me high, is it? [LAUGHS] I don’t think so. It’s supposed to balance
your kinetic energy. I’m really glad you called. I missed hanging out
with you. So, which one
do you like better? I’ve been wearing
the white top a lot. Well, why does it matter? You’re just gonna
get all sweaty. [CHUCKLES AWKWARDLY] Wait…
Do you have a crush? [STAMMERS]
I don’t have a crush. Is it Robby? Oh, my God! How long
have you guys been… We haven’t. We almost. Does Miguel know? There’s nothing to know. It’s crazy. After last year,
I got back into karate to get away
from all the drama. Well, my mom’s therapist
always says, “You can’t hide
from your heart.” I think you should wear
the blue one. It goes with your eyes. [BOTH GIGGLE] All right. Now, shoes. [INDISTINCT CHATTER] [DOORBELL JINGLES] Hey, Sensei,
I’m sorry about your loss. Thanks. So, how was the funeral? As good as any funeral
can be. Yeah… So, how’d it go around here
while I was gone? Great. I mean,
Sensei Kreese is tough, but, uh, he knows
what it takes to win. Who moved my stuff? What the hell happened here? JOHN: Well,
I spent some time
organizing the place. Bills were unpaid
and invoices were backed up. The military man in me
couldn’t resist. You’ve been making yourself
right at home, huh? A buddy of mine
took that photo. Yeah, it’s nice.
I got a class to run. Everybody get your gis on. Training starts
in five minutes. Gis? What? JOHNNY: Yeah, what’s wrong? Nothing is wrong. I just thought
we were going to the woods for a special training
today. What’s happening
in the woods? I thought it was a good time
to separate the men
from the boys. And the girls, too,
I suppose. How? Coyote Creek. [SIGHS] I’m not sure
they’re ready for that. There’s only one way
to find out. ELI: We’re ready, Sensei. We want to prove ourselves. It’s up to Sensei Lawrence. If he says it’s okay,
then, and only then,
is it okay. All right,
what are you waiting for?
Let’s go. [INDISTINCT CHATTER] [ALL PANTING] Oh, God! It’s so hot out. I’m sweating in places
I didn’t even know
I had pores. [GRUNTS] [SIGHS] What have I
gotten them into? All right, guys.
Get out from
under that tree. It’s time to get to work. [ALL GROANING] Hey, Mr. LaRusso,
it’s like 100 degrees out. Can we take it easy
today? Are you kidding? This heatwave is a gift. Today, you are going to
experience Shochu-Geiko. Like the car insurance? Shochu-Geiko
is a Japanese exercise where you train
during the hottest days
of the year. It’s about pushing yourself
to your limit. The fight isn’t always
going to come when it’s
75 degrees and breezy. Aren’t we supposed
to avoid fighting? Sometimes, you can’t.
Someday, the fight
may come to you. And I wanna make sure
you’re ready. So, today, we’re gonna see
what Miyagi-Do is made of. Gentlemen, ladies. Welcome to Coyote Creek. You’ve been split
into two teams. Red… And black. The goal is to capture as
many headbands as possible from the other side. Today, the people across
from you are not your friends. They’re not your brothers. They are the enemy. The last team
standing wins. How do we get the headbands? By any means possible. No rules. Use your judgement.
This is just
a training exercise. Correct, but remember,
this is your life. You lose it, you die. Hey, guys, sorry I’m late. Traffic on the 118
was a real bitch. Put Coyote Creek into the nav. Nothing came up. What have you done
to yourself? Oh, the… Yeah, you know what,
I just decided
to flip the script, Hawk-style. Respect. Heretofore, you can refer to me
as Stingray. Yeah, all right, Chubs.
He’s in your team. Terrific. DANIEL: Two… [GRUNTING] Five. [GRUNTING] [CHUCKLES] Got you. All right, Demetri’s turn.
Come on. Demetri, get in there. Set. Three. [DEMETRI WHIMPERS, GROANS] Sorry, Meat.
You gotta block that. Six. [DEMETRI GROANING] I hate this. All right, come on, get up. Can we please take a break?
This heat is brutal. You guys wanna cool off? ALL: Mmm-hmm. All right. I think I can
accommodate that. So, what happens
at the end of this
if it’s just you and me? Then I guess I’ll have to rip
that pretty little head band
off your head. Yeah, this headband
is staying right where it is. [RUSTLING] Oh, shit. [CHUCKLES] [EXHALES] [BOTH GRUNTING] [CHUCKLES] He’s all yours. Nah. [BOTH GRUNTING] Ladies first. Thanks. [GROANS] No hard feelings. No mercy. So, you couldn’t take
the heat of Shochu-Geiko, perhaps, you’ll find
Kangeiko more to your liking. Are there are no “geikos”
that takes place in a spa? No, it’s not about the heat
or the cold. It’s about adapting
to the environment around you and using that
to your advantage. Look around,
what do you see? Frozen London broil. No, not the meat,
look past that. I see the exhalation of breath. The twitch of a muscle. The shift of a stance. If you lean into the cold,
it will heighten your senses. And then you’ll anticipate
the moment before
your opponent strikes. And you’ll always be ready. Yeah. [CELL PHONE RINGING] All right, circle up. [SOFT MUSIC
Hey, you’ve reached
Daniel LaRusso.
Sorry I can’t come to the…[LINE DISCONNECTS] [BIRD SCREECHING] [ELI YELLING] What the hell, man? Sorry, ass-face.
Today, you’re the enemy. That makes five kills. Guess I earned
my Medal of Honor. Seven. [GRUNTING] DANIEL: That’s what
I’m talking about. Five. [BREATHES DEEPLY] [BOTH GRUNTING] All right. Let’s get
Demetri in there. Good job. All right,
here goes nothing. Literally. Set. Six. [GROANS] Come on, Demetri.
Look for the signs. Anticipate, you can do this.
All right, focus. [CELL PHONE BUZZING] Come on, Demetri. DEMETRI: Oh, you, come on.
Just give me a second. [INDISTINCT TALKING] It’s all right, Miss Robinson,
you’ll get them next time. They got you out, too? Yeah. I guess there’s just
Hawk and Miguel left. I can’t do it, Mr. LaRusso. Between the cold
and the shouting
and the hole in my sock… I’m not sure
when that happened,
but it’s real uncomfortable. Demetri, you are the most
neurotic person that I know. You always expect the worst. But you could use that
to your advantage. It means you anticipate. Think of it like
a Spidey-Sense. Actually, in the comics,
they call it, “Spider-Sense.” Look, Demetri, this isn’t
about who’s fastest and who’s strongest.
This is about instincts. It’s about using
what’s in here. You think you could do that? All right. Let’s try it again. Remember, anticipate. Two. [EXHALES] [GRUNTS] [YELLS] [STUDENTS EXCLAIM] Whoo! I did it! Five. [GROANING] Okay, that’s okay.
Baby steps. Baby steps, right? Yeah. Mmm-hmm. Good job, bro. STUDENT 1: Good job. STUDENT 2: Nice. [STUDENTS CHATTERING EXCITEDLY] [DEMETRI CHUCKLES] Is everything okay, Dad? Yeah, yeah. Um, I’ll meet you at home. That’s all for today, guys. Great job. [BIRDS CAWING] Finally, a worthy opponent. So, you’re the one
that trashed Miyagi-Do? They’re the enemy.
I had to put them
in their place. So, that means you had to
trash their dojo, and steal
their Medal of Honor? What do you care? Just ’cause you still have
a thing for Sam doesn’t mean
I have to go soft. I’m not soft.
And this isn’t about her. Nah, sure it isn’t. You want the medal so bad,
Is that Miguel and Hawk? Is that all you got? [PANTING] That’s all I’ve got. [GRUNTS] Finish him. [GRUNTING] [STUDENTS EXCLAIMING] Team Black! STUDENTS: [CHEERING]
Yeah! Looks like that champ of yours is developing
a real killer instinct. You know, the thing
about stingrays is, they lie in wait
for the perfect opportunity to strike! [GRUNTS] The red team just won! [NESTOR YELLING] Whoo! Yeah! Good work, Stingray. Thank you, Sensei. [ALL CHEERING] What was that? That’s not how
I taught you to fight. It’s what Sensei Kreese
taught us. This isn’t a tournament,
this is real life. Is that how
you wanna live your life? I like what you’ve done
with the place. It’s very “home dojo chic.” [CHUCKLES] Thanks. So, what did you like
better today? The heat or the cold? You know, they both have
their pluses and minuses. But if I had to pick one,
I’d say room temp. [BOTH CHUCKLE] That wasn’t an option. What about you? I like the heat. I thought we weren’t. We weren’t… AMANDA: He left. Oh, I was gonna
buy him surf n’ turf at Delmonico’s.
I’ll call his cell. No, Daniel, he quit. Anoush gave his notice. What? Tom Cole offered him
a higher title. Better money.
He was gonna give us
a chance to match it, but then you bailed on him. Okay, I know, all right.
Listen, this is an easy fix.
I’ll call Anoush and I’ll clear it up. This isn’t about Anoush. This is about you
not being able
to keep your promises. You said you would be able
to balance everything and now look where we are. Today got away from me, okay?
It’s not gonna happen again,
I promise, I’ll be
at the dealership more. [SCOFFS] You’re not
getting it, Daniel. I’m not talking
about the dealership,
I’m talking about us. Ever since
you opened Miyagi-Do, I’ve been waking up
in an empty bed. I’ve been running
this business all by myself. I have spent the entire summer
feeling alone, while
you’re off at karate camp. I’m sorry, okay? I’ve just been focused
on giving these kids
a chance to defend themselves. Well, sometimes,
when you focus on one thing, you lose focus of
everything else that matters. [CHUCKLING] [KNOCKING ON DOOR] Sam, someone’s at the door. Sam? What are you doing here? I’m not here to fight. I just came
to give something back. [SCOFFS]
I knew you took it. No, look, I had nothing
to do with that or
what happened to your dojo. We’re not all assholes. Just tell Sam I said sorry. Who was that? Nobody. Had the wrong house. Weird. Well, I’m headed to bed.
It’s been a day. Yeah. It has. Ah. Hey, Johnny. You come to congratulate me
on my victory? We need to talk. About what? About what you’ve been
putting in my kids’ heads
since I’ve been gone. Well, just been teaching
them the way of the fist. The same lessons
I taught you. Strike first, strike hard. No mercy. Yeah, that’s where
we have a problem. Oh, do we? Yeah. Cobra Kai needs to change. What you taught
didn’t work back then,
and it doesn’t work now. What, do you wanna
change it to, something nice and snuggly,
like a blanket? No. Cobra Kai will always
be badass. But there’s a difference
between no mercy
and no honor. Ah… Honor? Let me tell you something. When you’re in a war, the other side never fights
with any honor. Take it from me, I know.
Trust me, I’ve been there. Be glad
that you don’t know. Yeah, I don’t know what “shit”
you went through back then, but these are good kids,
and they don’t need
to relive our mistakes. The only mistake
is teaching them weakness. Like what you did
when you backed down
from LaRusso’s challenge. Is that what
the new Cobra Kai
is all about? If you’re trying
to get me riled up,
it’s not gonna work. I’m responsible
for these students. And I am responsible
for you. You are still my student. I’m worried
about you, Johnny. I see what’s gonna happen. You’re gonna
let your guard down. And that’s gonna
leave you vulnerable. All right, maybe
that’s what you think… But this is my dojo, and I make the rules. Your dojo? You forget
who started Cobra Kai? I haven’t forgotten anything. You know what? I’m sorry.
I thought this could work,
but I was wrong. Look… We’re done! I don’t ever wanna
see you in this dojo again. [DOORBELL JINGLES] JOHNNY:Today, we’ll be
learning one of the most
important lessons
a Cobra Kai could know. MAN: Bugger off. JOHNNY:Headbutting.DANIEL:
This is me trying to help.
What else can I do, Amanda? You might wanna work on that,
so, you can get off the couch. If you wanted to,
I could set you up
on an app.That’s how my mom
found her boyfriend.
MIGUEL:If you like her,
just swipe right, and we’ll
set up a bunch of dates.
WOMAN: We combat
all institutions of oppression. Climate change,
denial, the patriarchy. I hate the Patriots, too.

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