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Guys, the second season of One Punch Man really ended. It’s over! Now only in 2020. Eh! Which is frustrating, because what we most expected to see did not happen. That was the fight between the Garou and Saitama, but how was that fight at the end of the day? We’ll see that in this video now. Come on! Hey nerd tranks? Peter here! Yes, guys. The second season unfortunately ended, and it ended the worst way possible which is without closing any cycle, isn’t it true? – yeah right! Neither the monster association was defeated, nor the Blast appeared, nor did Saitama fight against Garuo, something that did not happen in the first season, since it ended just after Boros was defeated, right” And the city that he destroyed was rebuilt.
So it kind of ended, shall we say so but One Punch Man is not made of anime alone It is necessary to remember that the first official work of One Punch Man created by the ONE is a web comic That after a while, from it’s release,
is redesigned by Yusuke Murata and adapted to the manga. to only later become the anime,
so that everything that you saw in the anime, in fact, it already happened in the manga
and in the web comic a long time ago And in the case of Saitama’s fight against the Garou, not even in the manga, it’s just in this web comic that happened. And today. I’m here to tell you what really happened in the final fight between Garou and Saitama in this web comic And no risk of spoiler, because both the manga and the anime have already shown that they can make modifications to make the story more fluid, right. and more interesting. So, the chances of getting in the manga and something different happens from the web comic is real enough And with the anime logically it is the same thing, so what I am going to present to you now is the version of this fight of the author But first, let’s leave that like Threat-level-god, because the second season is over, but we still have a lot to talk about ONE PUNCH MAN. And to share this with you, we count on your subscription And activate the bell too for you to receive notifications of new videos every day, it’s very important, guys. From Sunday to Sunday releasing new videos. I know you will not be disappointed, thanks! Before summarizing the fight between Saitama and Garou, a brief explanation of the context itself must be given. First, like the Saitama, the Garou also broke his limiter, but he did it in a different way, because unlike Saitama, who only lost hair, the Garou suffered a kind of mutation and had his body transformed, he changed completely. What happened was that Gyoro gyoro, that monster full of eyes, who sent a message to the association of heroes In fact, it is a type of scientist who was also studying the limiter, and discovered that he could break the limiter of living things through the cells of monsters The first experiment that worked for him was exactly the Lord Orochi, because the others he had done, ended up dying of overdose of those cells. But Gyoro Gyoro saw the Garou himself the opportunity to overcome his last creation but Garou did not have the interest of associating, and ended up becoming a monster by the very desire to become. It becomes monster. He then faces several heroes from the association, including the powerful Tornado. but when he’s about to celebrate his victory for the goal, become a monster and defeat association, who appears? The saitama! The tension between the Garou and the Saitama begins with a look of the GAROU with the corner of his eye, while Saitama asks who he was, what was happening. The Garou without even asking permission, ends up punching Saitama who, simply, deflects, shifting the face to the side. But the simple displacement of air from the Garou’s fist causes several cracks in the ground. Saitama just keeps asking what’s going on, and if he wants to drag him into a fight. The Garou then questions Saitama, asking if he thinks this is some kind of dispute. So Saitama responds something like:
‘If it’s not a dispute, then what?’ and soon after, he completes demeaning Garou. Saying that, first of all, he does not even know who the Garou is, typical from Saitama. And then he asks if he’s angry with the other heroes. Because he lost in the video game. But the Garou then asks if he was sent to face him, without receiving any information about the Garou. And if for Saitama, he looks human, but then, Saitama shows himself as that pain in the neck that he is In addition to saying that the look of the Garou looks just a poorly made outfit, he also says no one called him … It went only because he lives in the neighborhood, and he was going to tell them that they were making a lot of noise. Also typical of Saitama! The Garou tells Saitama that he has already defeated the ‘S’ class heroes … And face a ‘b’ class hero, that is a hobby hero, would not add anything to his life, from Garou. Except that Saitama once again touches Garou’s soft spot when he says that the Garou also does it all for hobby. The more they talk, the more Garou becomes angry But the thing begins to get more serious when Saitama says that in this mess his house ended up being destroyed, and he also can not ignore that he saw the Garou injuring other heroes. He even said that if Garou has no interest in him, no problem. Because Saitama himself has an interest in kicking ass at a monster-dressed idiot. He even gives Garou the chance to apologize, or he would kill Garou. Garou ends up losing his temper and reveals that he was a human self-proclaimed monster. who was also known as a hero hunter. Saitama remembers this rumor, but he barely knows he’s had kicked Garou’s ass. Remember? ‘VAP!’, That kick there? Garou begins to get very nervous, because Saitama looks very calm, even in front of several defeated class S heroes. and he believes that Saitama is provoking him, but then Garou tries to counter such provocation, saying he’s going to kill a child right there. But Saitama once again presents all that calmness of the world, and says that there is no child there, that Garou was pointing the other way, and this really irritates Garou! And Saitama still complete, saying that it is because of this poor performance, that he is not convinced that Garou is a monster. until Saitama says he’s going to kick Garou’s butt, and starts walking slowly toward him …
It’s heating up, guys! Garou then loses his temper and punches with all his strength on saitama, which raises a cloud of dust. Garou gives himself as the winner, but evidently the dust low down and Saitama appears. And then, he punches Garou in his face, throwing him far away, but Saitama still says that it’s the first time, that a monster attacks him restraining himself. And that confirms his point of view that Garou is not a monster. Do you understand, saitama is kinda giving Garou a chance? Garou rises and with a quick movement goes to that back of Saitama, Saitama grabs Garou’s arm and throws him to the ground. And that causes an earthquake, so strong, because he hit Garou on the ground. And like, man, no matter how broken he was, Garou can still stand up, questioning what is happening and how Saitama can have such a monstrous force. and seeing that Garou manages to continue, saitama appears to be really excited, he likes that sort of thing. Finally, he’s going to have something exciting for him. Then Garou finally enters the fighting style position he learned in the Silver Fang dojo The style current water fist crushing rock, and only then does Saitama bind that the hero hunter and the Silver Fang disciple, who rebelled, were the same person. And he even wonders if he will continue to be friends with silver fang if he kicks up his student’s butt. Garou sets off with a blow, but saitama has very fast reflexes and deflects from all the blows, which surprises Garou. but when saitama tries to counterattack, Garou also uses his knowledge in martial art to avoid the blows of the ‘bald head’. Garou realizes that although Saitama has much more strength have much more speed, more reflex, he is a complete amateur in martial arts So he can read all the saitama’s movements, and even avoid the blows as well. He explains! Who could not avoid the blows from saitama, relying only on the speed of reflex so he does this by dodging before the blows happen, that is, the extinct superior! Hehe, get it? But Saitama chuckles, then asks if he can start taking the fight seriously. Garou questioned whether Saitama really did not seriously fought until that moment, and one notices that Saitama is looking for some specific place right there, and asks, ‘What is Saitama doing?’ Saitama says that since Garou will show everything he knows about martial arts, then he, Saitama, will show how serious he can be. Then Saitama bends down, puts his hands on the ground and simply throws the ground up, that ends up doing, like a big rain of debris, throwing Garou himself up Garou believes that saitama was using the rubble to hide, and attack him by surprise, but soon he notices, that the ground never came. He was simply jaw-dropping with how high Saitama could’ve throw him and all those debris. Then saitama appears behind him and performs consecutive regular punches, which once again leaves Garou bursted. Garou rises with the hope to hit saitama in midair, and uses the so-called ‘snap-attack’ from the killer god. And saitama contra-attack with consecutive normal punches, but the exchange of punches between them will gradually overload Garou. While it is full air, Garou begins to question how saitama is simply standing with the guard low, and forgets that he is still in free fall, and ends up falling and getting his head buried in the concrete. saitama walks up to Garou and once again begins to question his intentions, and if he really thinks he’s a monster. Garou again gets up quickly, and gives a leg wrench in Saitama’s arm, just like Jiu-Jitsu fighters right? but saitama gets rid of him just by shaking his arm, and after Garou says he needs a lot more to beat Saitama, then saitama simply appears and gives a right uppercut in Garou, that throws him very high. While he is in the air, he starts to risk everything that did not work in battle, that is, technique, strength, speed, strategy, until he wonders how he can defeat Saitama? And he realizes, that he must completely abandon the humanity he has, and become a complete monster. and when he does this, he returns as a giant monster, with larger horns, and bony plates! Out the back, looking like apocalypse. And so Garou thanks Saitama, because thanks to him, he was able to achieve the real goal he had that was to become a monster. saitama then asks him what his goal would be after becoming a monster, and Garou is speechless saying that he will only know this after killing Saitama and leaves with a punch, but only for a change, Saitama deflects and retaliates with a punch in the pit of the stomach. Garou is surprised, that even with this final form, he is enought for Saitama and in a final sigh, tries to hit one last punch in Saitama, which is blocked with a serious halter,
and so, the fight ends. Of course the web comic is bigger and other things happen after that, but, our goal here was to show how the fight between Garou and Saitama was. Thaaat! Dude, I was too into the hype to know that result. And one thing you can conclude is that if it happens in the anime the same thing that happened in the web comic, so Garou has held out much more than Boros, because like, Boros died with a serious punch that actually did not even directly hit him. What killed Boros, in fact, was just an impact wave. But Saitama hit Garou with a direct serious header, and he was still alive, though unable to continue to fight Folks, did you like the video? If you liked it, do not hesitate to comment below your opinion about it! and if you want more videos about One Punch man, comment there too, I really need this FeedBack. Please fill in this comment box there! And get to know our members club here from the Ei Nerd guys. The Nerd Space with; exclusive videos; advance videos; with the link for you to talk to me in the Discord; Lives … It’s really cool too! If you want to support the channel, click the “become a member’ button, you will have access to all of this. And do not forget, sign up!
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  1. uma cabeçada séria é muito mais fraca que um soco sério 10:00 , além do mais que o saitama não mata humanos, por mais que tivesse dado um soco sério não iria matar

  2. Eu acho que a melhor luta do mangá foi a do flash vs os ninjas ou o imperador criança vs o homem fenix

    A luta é muito mais massa que dbz pois quem tem que ir até o limite é o inimigo e não o herói.
    Isso em toda série.

  4. Esse One Punch é sem Graça Demais .
    Não sei Como Faz Tanto Sucesso ..
    Foge muito da Lógica..
    Cara maior Lerdo , Vence com Facilidade qualquer Monstro , Não sei Como Pessoal ainda gosta disso !

  5. Curti d++… Só não curti vc usar camisa do Naruto no vídeo do Saitama… Mas o like tá aí hehe

  6. Garou só perde pro saitama, porq é o Saitama. Prq se o Saitama não fosse o Saitama, garou derrotaria o Saitama. Por isso ele não consegue vencer o Saitama.

  7. adoro one punch man, mas sempre saber quem ganha é broxante. Tudo bem que é sempre os bonzinhos em maioria das vzs, mas esse negocio de força infinita ta mais chata que o goku tirando transformação do cabelo

  8. Eu gosto muito desse anime, o Saitama é o herói que eu sempre quis ver em animes,
    porque os outros sempre apanha muito para poder vencer no final e isso é com todos 🤦‍♀️
    Menos com ONE PUNCH MAN❤
    Espero que continue assim e que ele dê uma surra naqueles heróis metidos.

  9. Aquele momento constrangedor quando você quase morre por causa de uns "simples" "socos normais consecutivos".

  10. Saitama não estava levando ele a sério kkk_ deve ser triste entra numa briga e saber que vai perde kkk e não poder nem corre kkkkk

  11. Eu e talvez vc leitor possa achar que em alguma luta o Saitama vai perder ou ter uma certa dificuldade em vencer; mas isso e impossivel…

  12. ainda bem que o saitama n joga fre fire pq dai ele teria fincado os chifre no garou '-' ksksksk "CABEÇADA SÉRIA"

  13. Peter o garou aguentou mais socos que o boros então isso pode dizer que o garou é mais fortes que o próprio boros??

  14. Ou seja saitama sempre vai vencer e o goku é o unico qui sempre vence kkkkkkkk anime sendo anime o protagonista vai ganhar de um geito ou outro 🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️

  15. Independente do desfecho de toda a história. O Garou é um personagem dito como inesquecível. Ao menos pra mim. E creio que há quem concorde cmg kkk

  16. Se for por essa análise o Boros é mais forte, porque o Saitama termina a luta com a sua arma secreta, série mortalmente seria, soco sério.

  17. eu sinceramente pulei uns 4 episódios nessa temporada. História chata, sem aquelas caras engraçadas do Saitama, quebra de clichê… A graça da série era o Saitama OP e uma das poucas cenas engraçadas foi ele pulando rápido contra o sonic.

  18. Garou não é mais forte que o Boros, o Boros morreu com um golpes da Serie mortalmente seria já Garou tomou uma cabeçada seria, o que é diferente de uma série mortalmente seria cabeçada seria.


  20. sem necxo boros e um deus e saitama destrói ele facilmente ,,, garo e um humano e e aclamado como deus ta parecendo com um desenho chamado dragon ball SUPER sem historia e sem necxo tantos poderes para chegar em nada ai ai .

  21. Eu achei bem decepcionante :c o garou tinha tudo pra esperar uma luta de igual pra igual ja q é mais forte que os herois mais fortes ainda também está do lado dos monstros, bem q podia fala q ele sobreviveu e está em busca de outro objetivo tipo derrota o orochi

  22. reza a lenda que o Boros que invadia PLANETAS, depois da luta contra o Saitama, agora só consegue invadir Propriedades. Inclusive mudou até o nome para Bolos só pra disfarçar!!

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