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what’s up everybody its Jorge I’m here
at preview night for San Diego comic-con 2019 and I’m here at the sideshow booth
let me tell you man the booth is bigger than ever they got a balcony now and
it’s just it’s huge but we’re not here to talk about that
we’re here to take a look at the statues and everything else they got so let’s
get to it all right we’re kicking it off here with
the mr. freeze statue it’s the sideshow Premium Format from
you one looking really really good nice details the bass has kind of like a
kind of flat paint to the snow I think because it’s not little better with the
texture work I do like the exclusive though it’s really nice the suit is
really cool I like the material that they chose you got some glossy areas
shined areas here on the metallic looking boots and then you have more
matte suits very vibrant looking colors very nice looks for the portrait as well
so very fantastic work here [Music]
[Applause] [Music]
alright and here we’re checking out the new Batman life-sized bust this one is
massive man very very big looks larger than life-size at least from where I’m
standing right now I like the texture work in the suit
looks good there’s a lot of texture in the skin the chin doesn’t look nearly as
bad as it did in the previews but I do wish they had a little less folds in the
skin there it kind of makes them look a little aged that’s my only opinion about
it but otherwise really nice work we got the flash this is the flash by Daniel
Bell you made the parents you know this thing looks dope really like the way he
looks in this pose I mean he looks like he’s running really fast
he doesn’t look heavy set at all looks nothing like what they showed in that
preview really like the way that the street looks got all that crumble
and everything that looks great that destroyed look man I really like the way they have him running
he just looks very very dynamic very animated
I like how both hands look a little different they’re not just like in the
same position yeah really like very impressed by this
one [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music]
so with the new Lobo maquette so I know a lot of people don’t like this one but
man I think this thing is dope lots of really cool looking colors it’s fun
looking piece in my opinion very vibrant you know lots of really nice textures
throughout it I think it could be mixed-media hard to tell from here it
looks like the jacket looks it could be like of a cloth material same thing
with the pants you know that or that’s one hell of a texture job that they did
with the sculpt really neat yeah the gun does look like Guitar Hero and I wish
they would have done maybe like some clear resin for the explosions or the
shots that are coming out of it I think that would have been nicer but
other than that you know not too bad I like look at the keys it says born to be
bad thats dope! [Music] it’s one of the pieces I was looking
forward to seeing this is the new Scarecrow Premium Format I think it
looks really cool love the way he’s posed like that I mean that portrait
looks fantastic real evil kind of hard to get it with all these gloss and glare
from the glass sorry about that I’m doing my best here all right
trying to get you guys the best look at it I really like the face
it looks pretty evil nice textures there with the stitching in the mask and
everything I like that noose on the neck it’s really cool a lot of nice texture
in the pants you can see that and I really like that they got the fear gas
and then you have Jason Todd you know coming out of the grave that looks neat
you know kind of makes you feel like this is what Batman seeing right now
after he’s been you know hit with that fear gas [Music] [Music]
all right we got the new spider-man this is called a maquette this is with a
Mary Jane I think this to me feels more like a diorama than a maquette I don’t
know why they calling it a maquette but hey whatever that’s what they’re calling
it it’s a sculpted order based on the designs of J Scott Campbell and J
Scott Campbell art and I think that it looks just like the art so I think they
did a great job with that although I do agree that Peter’s face does look to be a
little bit on the creepy side with that smile but you know otherwise just
looking really good I like the scale of it looks about
one-fifth so very nice looking diorama that’s what you guys are into [Music]
we got another Daniel Bel pieces his be Colossus and let me just back up a
little bit so you guys can get a scale on the size here maybe he’s really big
this is a very very big piece I like the way the body looks I like the pose you
know Danny Bel did a good job with that overall I think that the Colossus looks
really good the portrait is the only thing I really wish it had some more
expression to it that’s the only thing on the standby saying even in person I
feel like he’s lacking emotion but I do think that the overall appearance of it
is it an awesome piece and if you’re not you know in the mood or in wanting to
get the Colossus and you can’t get the excellent Studios Colossus this is a
nice runner up all right guys now standing toe-to-toe with the juggernaut
statue holy shit this thing is big this thing is so damn big very very huge
piece no in person it’s impressive I can’t deny it looks
really good still don’t like the price tag on him the texture work is
fantastic I love the way that helmet looks really nice texture work there the
skin was great he looks like he’s about to beat down on something and just
really cool looking piece man look at the back of the boots oh my god
he’s impressive bro although I don’t know where you would put this if you had
it it’s just so huge [Music] [Music]
all right so when I came to San Diego comic-con this is one who I was hoping
to see here is the new Gambit Maquette wow man
just wow I feel like jr. right now Wow oh man I love that base it matches up
with Rogue I got the whole Danger Room style base
and that metal arm coming out which is really really cool
I love the colors on it very vibrant very good look to him like it he’s got
that toothpick in his mouth that was an awesome idea and I have not seen in
better portrait for this guy this thing looks fantastic
they did such a great job with it such a great job where they got the cards
coming out look how the cards look at the charge and everything it’s really
nice and I sweat it throwing out and then they’re kind of like throwing out
and like stages there so it’s not like they’re all in just one way if you take
a look at that they’re like it’s all going in different directions you know
so it looks like they’re kind of like whipping out and like an arc so really
fantastic look to that the the cloak that he’s wearing sculpted for the ball
sculpt big nice paint application there please a little bit of a scene and looks
at that in the arm there hopefully that is prepared but I mean it kind of fits
with the suit a little bit so it looks like you know cookie like stitching
there like the way the jacket would fold over love the way the cape or the
jacket folds out the way it does the dynamic flow of it and all boots look
good I mean everything about it looks good this is the home run really like
the way this one came out all together [Music] [Music] all right we got the Gladiator Hulk it’s
another Daniel Bel piece I feel like this is the Daniel Bel convention
everything here is made by Daniel Bel no no just kidding but man this thing is
dope in person it is insanely huge just like the Juggernaut this thing is just
out there really really big piece no idea where you would put this if you
bought it you know you just better have some space for it but you’re gonna need
it [Music] [Music] [Music] first time I’ve seen it in person this
is the Hawkman 1/3 scale statue by iron studios Wow
this is every bit as impressive as I thought it would be in person $1,199 for
this is the steel in my opinion Jesus this thing is massive
the best looking Hawkman I’ve ever seen in my life
this makes Hawkman look cool you know shoot man if we see a statue like this
they’re gonna make a movie about [Music]
[Applause] [Music] [Music] Wow this one is a magnificent beautiful
pieces of the new Dejah Thoris Premium Format I think yep Premium Format figure
this is from the John Carter series she is gorgeous man I can’t stress that
enough absolutely stunning [Music] [Music] [Music] Royal Selangor this is a Star Wars chess set
this cost $900 for this full set and you have all of your classic villains you
know on one side and you have the classic heroes on the other side and I
just I like it man looks dope I kind of want this this may come home I dig it a
lot a Star Wars fan and a fan of chess yeah it’s a win-win for me
what do y’all think about this one let me know
[Music] [Music] [Music] [Music]

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  1. Awesome video man. You just sold me on a few pieces I was undecided about. My wife is not gonna be happy lol

  2. Thank you so much on traveling to these places and showing all of us all these pieces, brotha. I've never been to a Comic Con and would love to go to one soon. I'll definitely going to have to put a limit on my Credit Card when I go.

  3. Man, the Starfire and LoBo pieces, made my adrenaline rush. I'm supposed to get the prime 1 LoBo (๐Ÿคž) but if I can't, the SS version is coming to the Empire. The Mr Freeze piece looks better than I imagined. Why he was getting a lot of hate is beyond me. Great video Jorge. Now I'm going to be bugging the hell out of my bosses for overtime work. ๐Ÿ˜†

  4. Great job with the video Jorge, I commend you. You did a great job with the audio and editing on the go! ๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘ I am most impressed with Daniels flash sculpt. ๐ŸŒ ๐ŸŒ

  5. Only intrested on 3 pieces. IS cap already on order, gambit and flash will come home for sure. Nothing else impressed. Juggs and hulk are big but so are the prices . Would be justified if the poses were better. In my opinion of course

  6. My man. Hope you having a great time. I am hype now for that Hulk Hawkman Gambit and Freeze. Thanks again.

  7. Thanks for the footage Jorge!! I can't lie, I was hating on that Colossus at first, but now I think i might have to compromise lol!! Thanks again, and have fun!

  8. Theyโ€™re all sick af but I think the iron man at 10:39 is hands down the coolest! Insane piece. The gambit and punisher are cool too

  9. Man, SS has really stepped up their game. Pics don't do these pieces justice. This vid really helps! Thanks! Now I know Juggs and Colossus are worth it. No Hush Supes on display? Saw Batman was out.

  10. Great video Jorge! Juggernaut and Gladiator Hulk were huge! Much larger than I expected after seeing them in person! Flash and Gambit and day one PO's! Maybe we'll see you down there today!

  11. Man I want that Gambit 1/4. It looks like something that popped out of the pages of a Jim Lee comic book. Liking the Flash more each time I see it. Worry for leaning issues. Really want to get Cap but that star on his shied bugs me a little as itโ€™s suppose to be a solid star not cut the way it is in the statue. So many pieces I want but space and definitely money issues haha….curious which pieces Jorge is really wanting at Con

  12. Two question
    What is your impression about the ironman from ss if the light is off
    What is the better peace from sideshow this year . gambit not included

  13. Daniel Bel is arguably one of thee best artist out there right now. His attention to detail is second to none. He deserve the recognition he works very hard to bring us beautiful art. I hope Sideshow keeps letting him create pieces cause everything he is making is FIRE!

  14. Oh man! Amazing that youโ€™re there! Thanks for the walkthrough! Hopefully next year I will make it my very first SDCC trip! Iโ€™ll be at NYCC though!

  15. AWESOME JOB. Thanks for sharing. Seems you are having a phenomenal time. GAMBIT and SCARECROW are definitely day one. SS didn't have anything from the BATMAN NIGHTMARE/ANIME LINE? What is your opinion on the SS JOHN STEWART GREEN LANTERN?

  16. 1. Gambit= best new SS piece
    2. The Flash= looks better than i thought
    3. Deja Thoris= statue porn
    4. $900 Star wars chess= hard pass
    5. Canโ€™t wait to see the other vendors!

  17. Gambit ๐Ÿ”ฅ ๐Ÿ”ฅ ๐Ÿ”ฅ Waiting on the SS RSVP email for that exclusive pre order to go Live! Canโ€™t wait. Very impressed. Wondering what the exclusive will be for him? Iโ€™d bet switch out hand or head. Gladiator Hulk looks phenomenal too.

  18. Nicely Done, I see I'm gonna have to earn some extra OT. That Sideshow FLASH is FREAKING DOPE AF!!!!!!!!!!! it's a MUST-HAVE!!! Thanks for the mini videos of the pieces. That's why I follow you videos, YOU put in the extra work and it shows in the videos. I know you don't like that Black Legendary Spider-Man but PLEASE do a mini on it as well!!!

  19. Totally agreed with you that Gambit statue is absolutely a home run! Gambit statue is utterly magnificent all around!

  20. Nice video, great channel! I must say I enjoy your videos much more with your commentary, instead of the music. You're quite good at expressing what you see in statues as you're taking them in. The music is a bit overpowering and far less interesting, to me at least. Thanks for all the great content!

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