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Shaman King: Manga vs. Anime

[Music] hi I’m Jenny and today I’ll be speaking about Manju what would my favorite animated series and manga and we’ll be touching in the differences between and babies am I going to go into add up to this because I’m I want to avoid as many spoilers as it can so Shannon cane please little manga and anime serious book created by Canada okay let’s move the short summary Jean King starts with Montag Amana very small high school students takes a shortcut for a cemetery and is immediately invited by young man sitting there to look at the Stars with his friend this is a protagonist this is Joseph Buddha his friends are all goes so naturally a month ago food fashion all painted gets the hell out of there through a series of developments stuff we are meant to be confront around their adventures per se they find within people brought in sushi man and his people become eventually they become friends even veils after some time let me finish Eman and that means they’re in Tokyo to participate in the fight this fight will determine who is the shermantine’s fish allocated faces like an all-powerful God like ever shining protagonist he appoints a powerful spirit can minimize the spirit of a samurai finally after the first stage dilution fight we need to remain contaminants how yeah how like every fictional antagonist has a plan to the score for humidity and creator the procurement on four channels as long as the story keeps going though manga and anime become very different they start out being one of the same due to scheduling errors or because animate very hard making very expensive tweak they have to choose very carefully which stories they need so there starts to be 18 gauge and we come serve full break at this stage of professional fight so I’m going to be sticking a lot of things here because of spoilers I will I do wanna make other videos explaining everything that happens here especially focusing on the manga but I will not be speaking about it specifically here I’m going to jump all of it and go straight to you spoilers ahead if you feel we’ll start with the enemy it started airing in 2000 a month of Chinese behind it it’s very fitting to the US Senate to put 64 episodes this is due to the manga being run at the same time in Devil’s introduced and at some point the manga couldn’t keep up with the enemy they decided to pick something up and cut the anime and just straight up go to you but that’s mainly the reason why I met my friend differently but if you have similarities there are similar the serious first got Fox skip to my side too and it can heap eugenics in 2004 until 2006 when it was take it off yet that gave the opportunity to eat deep in the channel here in Bolivia to put it upon in 2006 most people that’s where most of our monkey DNA is very clear about housing and game he we know very little about his past he has 50 participants in two different shaman fight for a house or even how he liked his power we in to limit point in the shaman fight which is one thing get to the North America and he finished like around professional fight how did you besides well screw everything he takes all your spirit which is his cake company in spirit and just decides to pull out the power the great spirits you please hello how has two objectives one being complete destruction of humanity and two becoming one with eel because they’re both trillion yeah shockers he over gets over from done he does get two views himself a very spirit and theoretically become the shaman king but all of the other participants in the shaman fight joined forces and give the other power which helped Ito and I mean it might become a giant Amita my room and listen what is it giant things fighting just cool giant samurai fighting it is cold but this isn’t an ordinary giant severance giant samurai powered by the bonds of friendship I always put our friendship two together how is somehow be it and then we don’t know what happens everyone who died in that fight comes back and we don’t know what happened – how is he – Akane isn’t a Shaman King he’s gone is he dead what happened to him in the end we don’t even know what happens in great students tell me what happened I know after that we have something of them this shows the posters let’s tell you the principal group of friends where they are it’s happening to them deficit ends with a narration by Linda and we get to see those virtual Oracle which is the thing that the hive the patch type used to link you on everyone shall in tournament and it just gets a message of screen we don’t know the message is we don’t know what how can it happen and that’s it it ends there there’s no more it’s a very open it’s a very open anything and I got to go and ring but it just needs to be wanting or more especially if you have known what happened to how onion it does cut a lot cuz it’s cut short you just add some other characters such as add favorite by police okay with it their whole narrative Shenmue King is the hilarious and it’s very good I hope heartily suggest you you wanna the endings of the show does capture what the is some help because they hadn’t even decided how the money was going to end at this point speaking of which Chungking started its publication in 1998 in the manga the introduction of art are a bit more thick they’re more goes they let us see how yo and month of relationship started forming how that friendship truly began so the manga is a bit on the darker side in some aspects it yeah there’s a lot more dinner so much oh yeah a lot more people go to I don’t know why interests go to hell I know what we get characters that change you can get actual character development if you something this good in a long good yes a good start curve but what it wants to be funny it is funny we love how in here and there was a cold and cruel person very even a person here he takes more such a villain type of you this is this backed up by a dream that meant a hast in the first week of them hug eager and which shows how a sub magic fences who wants to be rescued and eel and everyone L is just going there to rescue them the mundo gives us everyone just everyone’s past ask for games but this is something we will put aside for another video push out fight continues moving from place to place they start moving around we get to the final part fight with only a handful of teams level ahead for participants legs up left alive and they moved to the hidden continent of MU which is like a plant from all of the participants left which are feel like his friends mostly and house team is not all followers all of them give up they know they can beat house so from there on the patch hike takes and as a winner of the challenge by anyway he’ll and everyone else are the patch I which are great fighters they were the ones in charge of creation fight so they’re very strong and it’s basically a rush against time nope with fights and this is where the manga was canceled in 2004 due to the manga cancellation who did you keep it gay gets us some work at the end this is another beam cancel and this incomplete finale weekend other manga such as pathology and relax which are cemetery how given his historic giving us his basics for once in traditional king and in 2009 when the mother comes back it comes back strong mama starts at chapter 285 in volume 32 we entered volume 34 with a grand total of three hundred chapters and a small upload called from buying a gun or the sum of combine efforts and very good chapters we reach a point in which they are fighting an actual alien the spirit of an actual alien shown over here honest to chameleon Alex up and just like in the other ending is twist everyone and to everything he went how was now the shaman king but how is he on gonna win them this he’s our hero he has to win he finds a loophole how speaks to them India initially things through in their spirits and tries to absorb ended you can’t have served you this is when a lot of things happen a great big fight in a balsam son and a black hole and the powers of nature and oh sorry you guys want to see that fight you should read that number in this fight and its completion you’re convinced is having to be a better showman team not to destroy humanity but to give you another chance because if he’s expressing any weed there won’t be a future for anyone we get to see what was it like was it that was driving how this leads us to be able ogre it shows us everyone in the future and it’s something that hurts because it’s bittersweet envy you get the reality that he became estranged from babe he also leaves us about at the end of this chapter and soon after that we get we got shaman can settle which is the prequel of kind show you how the past the various of the participants this year to get something to mean things you can hate taste back among Russian looking flowers after great absence to commemorate the 20th anniversary in the Syrian I’m honestly I’m looking forward to it I one more happen and finally I will be named in other month of videos other and videos that Klingon so tell me about it and leave a comment tell me what you want to know and if you want blue to make this about another series which I won’t be making but you get to choose if you coming not you’re at my mercy like with it I will be making other videos aching about Mara and some of my favorite chapters shall we see you guys later bye [Music] [Applause] [Music]

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5 thoughts on “Shaman King: Manga vs. Anime

  1. Great video. I wish we got to see who became Shaman King in the anime, it left that on a cliffhanger. But in the manga Hao wins so its confusing. Shaman king is really underrated to me and I feel like it could have been bigger than it was if the anime was promoted more. People often overlook it. I hope it gets a remake anime like FMAB did. Every other anime is getting remakes like Sailor Moon, Fruit basket, Digimon, Hunter x Hunter and so much more. I wish there were more people who care about shaman king.

  2. I am back after 3 months you can find my old comment. Hi again lol. Do you read Shaman King SuperStar series? (most recent manga)

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