Shuri’s Tech Traps a Traitor! | Marvel’s Avengers: Black Panther’s Quest | SHORT

[N’Basa grunts] [Black Panther]
Surrender, N’Basa. You cannot escape. [panting]
Only the weak surrender, Black Panther. I am one of the stro-ong! [grunts] You are running
out of train. But not weapons. Ha! Victory. Not quite. Blast! These devices of yours
are becoming quite versatile, Shuri. It’s got several settings: shield, sword, bludgeon, grapple. It is over now, N’Basa. It is time for you to pay
for your betrayal of Wakanda. I think you will
let me go my way rather than risk the destruction
of your precious train and everyone on it. A bomb. T’Challa, we must– A bomb. T’Challa, we must–
We must not endanger the passengers. Wait.
We must not endanger the passengers. Very good, Black Panther. But, you see, I do not care about the passengers.
[grunts] No! Shuri! [yells] [grunts] Help me! I’ll tell you
about the people who hired me! Anything you want!
[grunts] [screams] [gasping] As I said, your devices–
quite versatile indeed.

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