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SILVER SURFER: BLACK Trailer | Marvel Comics

is the culmination of what Donny Cates
has been building towards since Thanos wins. The Silver Surfer has been
sucked into a black hole, and when he escapes,
he’s very far from home. But it’s how he gets back
home that I’m really excited for the readers to find out. We’re putting Norrin in a
place where he’s never been. He’s going to come
up against something in this book that is not
only going to challenge him, but perhaps break him. Tradd’s art in this book is
like nothing you’ve ever seen in a Marvel comic book before. When people see it,
their heads will explode. DONNY CATES: It’s cosmic, and
it’s trippy, and it’s kinetic, and it’s fast. No one does movement
quite like Tradd. Style develops in ways that
you can’t always control. I’ve been focusing a
lot on shape and form. I love drawing the human figure. Silver Surfer gives
me opportunity to do that on every single panel. SILVER SURFER: BLACK is
incredibly new-reader friendly. We’re going to walk you
through a lot of who Surger is, not only to himself, but how
the general galaxy sees him. Whenever Donny and I
talk about this book, I’m always in awe of
what he has come up with. He’s actually been
able to capture the poetry of the
character that Stan Lee established so long ago. He has an exuberance
to his work that I just think is perfect
for comic books, and it’s a fun dance in-between
the drawings and the words. It is not just a cosmic book. There are threads in tendrils
that attach to everything that I have ever written. This is unlike any
Silver Surfer comic you’ve ever read before. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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100 thoughts on “SILVER SURFER: BLACK Trailer | Marvel Comics

  1. honestly they should make a movie about him, idk but it seems that there are more characters we have not gotten through, through out mcu, which is understandable but we need that time line to what actually happened, not too all the characters but too ones we havent seen yet that might have been connected to the avengers timeline, ya know ??

  2. Good job on the click-bait Marvel comics APPARENTLY you realized (at some point) that adding "trailer" to your videos will drag MCU fans into watching this nonsense. BRAVO 👏

    I wonder how many issues this run will have until you all restart the series again @Marvel. My money is at 12 issues. Btw the art is not as great as advertised 👎+ Silver Surfer Black? What a plain title for a colorful character 👎

  3. Silver Surfer is one of Marvel's best characters. I've been a fan of his comics for a long time.

  4. This comic is petty awesome! I love the writing and the art kind of reminds me of a modern Steve Ditko.

  5. The colors are very bland, this is the cosmos, they be that boring. I miss and prefer ditkos interpretation more. Keep tryin

  6. Silver surfer one of my favorite tragic but poetic hero’s. There’s a lot of depth to the character. Wish they would hurry a make MCU movie!

  7. sigh I'm really NOT feeling the artistic style. It takes away from the story in my opinion. They don't go well together. To each their own I guess.

  8. I approve. Time is long and fate is fickle…My destiny still lies before me! And where it beckons – there shall soar the SILVER SURFER!

  9. If you know anything about the Mystery Science like madame blavatsky and manly P hall and Aleister Crowley the great mystery secret is the black man is God so Silver Surfer really should be black born from the cosmos

  10. Surfer is my favorite character.  I still have the original run of 1 to 18 I bought when I was a kid.  I'm happy there are some new stories but I'm frustrated with how modern artists just seem to suck.  The artwork is terrible on this marvel comic and most others I've seen.

  11. I Love trippy comics, thats what I'm searching in the unique experience of reading comics. These perspectives that bends your mind.

  12. The DC ones for their Black Label are way way way better. I dont need to see some guy talking. Show the book.

  13. To be honest the artwork would put me off reading this. Looks like a homebrew fan comic drawn on the kitchen table by a teenager in 1991 and photocopied and coloured in with felt tips. Not Epic at all. Just rough.

  14. I feel like that this guy should be doing background for cartoons like the old Looney Tunes, rather than making comics.

    Just because an art style is trippy and psychedelic, doesn't mean is good.

  15. I love silver surfer but honestly the art style last few years has been childish trash, how bout letting Crain do em.

  16. Ever since Thanos Wins, I've been loving Donny Cates. Never read a Silver Surfer title, but I was on board when I heard Cates was on this.

  17. The Silver Surfer is massively underrated, I think one of my favorite story arcs is the surfer tie ins just before Thanos's quest.

  18. Issue number 2 is crazy issue number 1 is crazy this story arch is cosmic the narrative the art the plot the ridiculous displays of how powerful Norrin is maaaaan when is this getting its own animated film?

  19. Oh man, I was expecting this to be a continuation of the introspective color series like spider-man blue or Daredevil Yellow.

  20. "This is unlike any Silver Surfer comic you've read before."

    Oh in that case I guess I shouldn't buy it because I love all of the Silver Surfer comix I've read before…

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