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Skottie Young picks DEADPOOL vs ROCKET! | Ask Marvel

Hey, I’m Skottie Young,
writer on STRANGE ACADEMY and drawer of six million
Young variants at this point, I think. Mike, can you check me out?
Yup? 6 million. Let’s do some Ask
Marvel questions. [MUSIC PLAYING] Which Marvel
character has the best cape? I’m doing a book called STRANGE
ACADEMY so, Doctor Strange. That’s an easy win. Who was more fun to
write, Rocket or Deadpool? That’s kind of like asking
me who my favorite kid is. I do have two kids. I do have a favorite, but I
don’t tell him which one it is. But I will say that, Rocket. I really loved writing Rocket
Raccoon because he had Groot. And you guys don’t
want to know what Groot was saying all those times. Who is your favorite
villain team? Oh, my gosh. The Sinister Six. That’s a slam dunk right there. This is such a classic
villain team, I think. Spider-Man rogues
gallery was so cool. So yeah, definitely Sinister
Six for this guy here. So here’s a question
for Mr. Young. He called me Mr. Young. How did you settle on
or discover your style? Just by drawing for hours
and hours and hours and hours and years and years
and years and years. And eventually, it just appears. When I was younger and
I tried to have a style, it just felt wrong. And sooner or later you
just stop thinking about it and then that’s when
you have your style. When you don’t
think about style. I know that sounds weird. Counter-intuitive,
but it’s true. Which crossover
events did you read when you were younger
that you feel has shaped you today as a creator? AGE OF APOCALYPSE. AGE OF APOCALYPSE
was so cool for me. For anybody who wasn’t there at
that time, like Marvel stopped. Like all the books. We didn’t know
that was happening. We didn’t have the internet. There was nothing that would
tell us it was going to happen. We went to the comic
book shop one day and all of our X-Men
books were done and this new universe started. And for somebody
walking into a store and trying to discover
something new, AGE OF APOCALYPSE was just that. It was awesome. Any chance of any more
baby Avengers stories? They don’t like to
call them babies. [BEEP] Any chance of more
little Avengers stories? You know what? There’s always a
chance for anything. I mean, this is comic books and
I love making comic books so, never say never. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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35 thoughts on “Skottie Young picks DEADPOOL vs ROCKET! | Ask Marvel

  1. I love every single thing this man has ever drawn. I'm such a huge fan. I want marvel babies wallpaper that I can color in.

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