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Sonic – Fast Facts!

Fast facts speed by, Sonic the Hedgehog… Published by Archie Comics, Sonic has the
longest running video game comic book series in history and has depicted crossovers with
the likes of Megaman, Spawn, and Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Too fast facts for the naked eye, Sonic the
Hedgehog Michael Jackson was recruited to compose music
for Sonic 3 and allegedly worked on the game but chose to remain uncredited because he
was unhappy with the sound reproduction on the Genesis. You can hear similarities between
tracks on his later albums and several Sonic 3 levels such as Carnival Night Zone and the
end credits music. Fast facts can really move! Fast facts got
an attitude! Before Sonic, Dr Robotnik was first conceived
as the hero of the series to replace Alex Kidd as the mascot of Sega, and his first
concept was based off former president Theodore Roosevelt in his pajamas. Yep. These are the fastest facts alive! These are
the fastest facts alive!

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