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Hi, I’m Randall and watch
Marvel Make Me A Hero. I work for a radio station’s membership
team. We have shows that are for people
who want to digest the current news in
a very unbiased way or explore fascinating ideas
about the universe. I had a couple friends that were
interested in Marvel and I started buying the trades so I can not complete a single comic book
but a whole story arc which I enjoy much more. I also love that it’s very open. The Marvel and comic community in general is, if you don’t know something, they’ll talk about it. They’re not gonna shun you and say “oh, I can’t believe you don’t know
about X, Y, and Z.” They’ll really want you to be part of it, and they’ll show you what
you’re interested in. If you’re not interested in that,
maybe there’s something else. There’s gonna be something for everyone. I’ve always had characters I thought
were cool, but I never really thought
about my own character in that kind of way, So, I wanted a hero that, even if a person passes away, if there’s still someone on the other side, help them either transition
or pick up the slack. There’s something about their passing that doesn’t fit well, and my hero works with a specific department to stop them from monstrification, essentially, giving them the true ending that’s the best they can have. My hero’s powers would involve— Definitely, number one, they’d have to have a high EQ. Two: my character has the ability to use sigils, little circles
that would appear which would allow him to fly or set traps or what not. The real true struggle is the connection between him and the person that they’re trying to save, not nessecary the fight itself. My hero’s weapons— It’s a specific fighting style called Eskrima. A scythe is what they use to reap souls, but my hero would have it split into two. One with the actual kind of Eskrima-looking stick. The other one with an Eskrima stick with a little blade coming out of it, because of the scythe before it. I wanted to add a little diversity to my character, so one of the things in Filipino culture that I can pull from an outfit called a Barong Tagalog which is a collared shirt. It usually has a long sleeve, but the different part of it is it’s usually see-through. It also can have very nice colors
like gold or trimming on the sides and center, a bandage set up in the center of the stomach kind of wrapping around, navy blue type pants, and wooden black-strapped sandals
for his feet. The cat is kind of silly, tongue-in-cheek thing where it would be a friend
of my hero, but if the other person who they prefer is there— There’s no more rules. So, since my hero’s group is working with other reapers, I didn’t want them to be tied
to a uniform. It would be a bracelet, which is actually a swirl of smoke that goes around their wrist. Oh, that is cool! I love the ground there where you made the sigil just appear. I think that’s fun, because you can even tell, since his back foot is up, that he’s potentially even lifting off from there. I love the Barong Tagalog’s gold in the center with the black feel, the long hair. I love how you made the scythe made of energy. That’d be very intense. [Laughs] The cat on the shoulder— Yeah, no, that’s exactly the kind of cats that start to ignore me after awhile. The metal embellishment on the sandals make them look strong as well as useful. I imagine that the hero wouldn’t necessarily have this thing charged up at all times, so if it wasn’t going to do its job, it would just look like maybe a cane or potentially even an umbrella. So, it’s very unassuming, which I love. Thanks, Marvel, for making me a hero!

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