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SPIDER-MAN’S Web Shooters VS Organic Webbing! || Comic Misconceptions || NerdSync

(gentle music) – How much web could a web slinger sling if a web slinger could sling web? Well, I guess it depends on whether or not that web is produced
organically or mechanically. (rock music) A question I get asked
a lot about Spider-Man if whether is his web is
organic, like what we see in the Sam Raimi Spider-Man tril-duo-logy, or if his webbing is created mechanically, like in the Marc Webb
series of Spidey films. The answer, interestingly enough, is both. Many of you will know already that in the comics, Spider-Man built his own web-shooters in the very first issue. In fact, Spider-Man’s
web-shooters actually pre-date Spider-Man himself, technically. Spider-Man made his big
debut in Amazing Fantasy number 15 from 1962, a comic that tells the origin of the web slinger. And in this origin story,
before Peter Parker ever puts on this costume,
before he ever calls himself Spider-Man, he single-handedly invents two mechanical web-shooters
to wear on his wrists since, quote, “a spider needs a web.” And also that radioactive
spider bite kind of left him hanging in this department. Spider-Man’s web-shooters
are such an incredibly vital part of who he is, they
play up Peter’s intellect and showcase his inner scientist. Sure, he gained incredible
powers thanks to a random spider bite, but he also
worked for his abilities. The web-shooters also
give him a vulnerability during times when they would get damaged or he’d be out of web fluid, et cetera. These scenarios would
create tension in the story and force Peter to be
a little more creative. And yes, as I just mentioned,
the web in the wrist shooters comes from capsules or
cartridges of web fluid, which get loaded into the devices. The whole thing activates
via a very sensitive trigger right in the middle of Spidey’s palm, which is why he makes this gesture a lot, which I’m just now discovering,
I’m terrible at doing. Ugh. Though in most continuities,
he does have to hit the button twice, like
a double-click of a mouse, and this is to avoid
unintentionally firing off the web whenever he simply makes a fist to punch people in the face. The web-shooters also
have different settings that allow for things
like a single web line, which he notably uses
to swing around the city and grapple objects or even people. Wait, no no no, wait! (groans) Too soon! Always too soon. Spider-Man can also
adjust his web-shooters to achieve a fine spray of webbing, which is probably better
for catching people, or a thick goop which he
mainly uses to blind people. Right in the eyes. The webbing also dissolves automatically after an hour or so, though
sometimes a special solvent has been needed for
certain kinds of webbing, but you know, we can sit here all day and talk in depth about how
exactly the web-shooters work, but we should probably discuss
the idea of Spider-Man’s web being organically created by his own body. It wasn’t just the movies
where this happened, it made its way to comics as well for a brief period of time. There was, of course,
the black Spidey suit, which created its own organic webbing, but that turned out to
be an alien Symbiote so Pete had to get rid of
that as fast as possible. Even still, that webbing
wasn’t really generated by Pete’s own body the way
we saw it in the movies. For that, we’ll need to examine a Spider-Man arc from 2004. In Spectacular Spider-Man number 15, a new villain arrives in
New York known as the Queen. Using her super-strength
and sonic scream powers she defeats Spidey,
kisses him, kidnaps him and then kisses him some more. And if you’re wondering what’s
up with all the spit swapping it’s not just because
comic book writers liked to use Spider-Man as
nerdy wish fulfillment, though I’m sure that’s a factor. You see, one of Queen’s other powers is that her saliva
contains a mutagenic enzyme which among other things,
transforms the victim into a giant spider monster. When it came to Peter Parker, Queen was more interested
in the spider part of Spider-Man so she used her super spit to gradually mutate him
into an eight-legged freak. When he was full-blown
spider, it was revealed that the transformation was
really just a cocoon of sorts. I don’t know, it was really weird. Either way, Peter hatched from a giant arachnid husk and was back to normal… with one notable exception. He now had the ability to shoot webs out of his wrists organically. He no longer needed his web-shooters. There is speculation
that the Sam Raimi movies were the reason why they made
this change in the comics, and we certainly don’t
have to look hard for times when movies were responsible
for change in comics. Especially with Marvel, we even recorded a whole podcast about it. But why did the Raimi Spider-Man Saga include the organic webbing to begin with? The answer is a bit of a long story, but I’m gonna try to keep it brief. Sam Raimi’s script took elements
from a previous treatment by James Cameron, which is often cited as the source of Spidey
having organic webbing. If you take the time to
read Cameron’s script, which you absolutely should
do ’cause it is completely bonkers and I’ve linked it
down in the description, Spider-Man becomes a bit of a celebrity and actually tells an
interviewer that his webbing comes from mechanical
web-shooters even though it really is made naturally by
spinnerets in his wrists. He does this partly to
throw people off the trail of his secret identity and
also because if he ever is found out, he doesn’t want
people to label him as a freak. Back in the comics, Spidey’s
new organic spinnerets that grew into his
forearms still worked a lot like his wrist shooters, they fired web with roughly the same
force, and he still had to press two fingers in
the middle of his palms to activate them for no explained reason. But the biggest benefit
was the fact that Pete wouldn’t have to keep
reloading his webbing anymore. Since it was all generated naturally he could create a
seemingly endless supply, like when he let loose on Iron Man and created this whole mess. But these natural spinnerets
didn’t last forever, though. It was only about three
years later that the web head would be back in his old wrist shooters. In Brand New Day from
2008, Spidey has to deal with a thug who stole
one of his web-shooters that he was, for some reason, using again. So what happened? Why did the mutation suddenly disappear? Well, we need to take a look at the story that happened before Brand New Day. An infamous story in Spider-Man’s history, titled One More Day. Just to catch you up real
fast, during the Civil War when Peter Parker revealed his identity as Spider-Man to the world, Wilson Fisk hired an assassin to kill Parker. Unfortunately, the assassin missed Peter and the bullet instead hit
Peter’s fragile Aunt May. Desperate to save his dying aunt, Peter and the love of his life, Mary Jane, made a literal deal with
the devil, Mephisto. In exchange for saving
May, Peter and M. Jay, who were married at the
time, must sacrifice their unconditional love for each other. Not only that, but
history will be rewritten so that they were never married at all. M. Jay would do anything for Peter so she willingly gave
up her past, present, and future with him in
order to save Aunt May. Peter followed suit,
and a deal was struck. Okay, don’t even get me
started on the two of them giving up a lifetime of
happiness to save an old lady who looks as though she’s consistently on the brink of death anyway, and yeah, I know that Marvel only did
this because they thought married Spider-Man was boring Spider-Man and that Peter was more relatable when he was young and single, and I don’t disagree with that. I just feel like this was
a dumb way to handle it. But I digress. When it was all over and
the deal with Mephisto was realized, the world
was a little different. Aunt May was alive and well,
Peter’s life as Spider-Man was once again a secret from the
public, and most importantly, he didn’t have organic webbing anymore. We know that Spidey
had his organic webbing during One More Day, because that’s where this scene comes from that
we alluded to earlier. But in the very next
story, the aforementioned Brand New Day, the wall crawler is back to his wrist shooters. So while One More Day was
never explicitly stated as the reason why Spidey went
back to his web-shooters, it’s really the only logical
explanation that we have. Except there’s one problem. It’s not like the whole
story with the Queen was erased from this new timeline, it still very much happened. It was revisited later in
2011, Spider Island Event, when the Queen came back
partnered with Jackal, and gave citizens of New
York their own spider powers including organic webbing, before turning into a giant spider monster army. The Queen even reflects on the interaction she had with Spider-Man so we know that that story definitely still place. Even weirder, Peter
himself makes a comment implying that he did,
in fact, at one point have organic webbing. When his girlfriend at the time, Carlie, gets spider powers, she asks Pete if he can hook her up
with some web-shooters since her organic webbing is all dried up. He tells her to drink plenty of water and eat starchy foods to replenish it. Curious, Carlie asks how
Peter would know that, to which he simply replied that he’s friends with Spider-Man. That is all the explanation we get, and it is left kind of
vague, but it does seem like he’s saying that at one point in time he did have the power to
create his own organic webbing. This definitely makes
it harder to determine what actually did happen, and honestly, we’ll likely never know for sure. Here’s an awkward segway,
if you’re wondering why they decided to switch
to artificial web-shooters in the Amazing Spider-Man movies, you can thank Brian Michael Bendis, an award-winning comic book writer behind such works like
Powers, New Avengers, Ultimate Spider-Man, and much more. Because of his history
with the wall crawler, Bendis was brought in
during the development of 2012’s The Amazing Spider-Man, and was unknowingly the deciding vote in determining whether or
not Spider-Man would have organic or mechanical web-shooters. He voted for the latter
and that’s what we got. Live-action mechanical
wrist-mounted web-shooters. I hope the MCU follows suit with that. I have no doubt that they will. Although @Mortox7 on Twitter pointed out that there is always a third option. #MagicWebs. What do you guys think? Do you prefer Spider-Man with his mechanical web-shooters
or organic webbing? Or perhaps you want to jump on the #MagicWebs bandwagon,
there’s plenty of room. It’s basically just me. If you want to learn
more about Spider-Man, click right here to learn what happened to Peter Parker’s parents. The video also explores
the story that Marc Webb’s Spider-Man movies were
likely trying to tell. It might just make you appreciate them a little bit more for
what they could have been. So click right here to check it out. We’ve also got a fun
video examining whether great power really does
equal great responsibility. We talk a lot about Superior Spider-Man, which is one of my personal
favorite Spider-Man runs. So click here to watch that one, and make sure you hit that
big, sexy Subscribe button so you don’t miss out
on all of the new videos we make for you every week that explore the history, science, art, and philosophy behind your favorite
comic book superheroes. My name is Scott, and I will see you right here on Friday for another video. See ya.

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48 thoughts on “SPIDER-MAN’S Web Shooters VS Organic Webbing! || Comic Misconceptions || NerdSync

  1. I’ve always believed that Spider-Man having organic webbing made more sense to me than mechanical wrist gadgets; if you’re going to get bitten by a mutant Spider and develop it abilities (Wall-climbing, Sixth Sense, Super Agility, Etc.), then it’d be fucking stupid that he doesn’t develop Spinneret Glands as part of the mutation. The mechanical ones would make sense for when he was losing his powers due to the stresses of living a dual life, but just not developing Spinneret Glands and not having organic webbing is just stupid.

    Besides, it’s a lot cooler; creepy and scary IRL, but cooler.

  2. Artificial or Organic?
    The real question is why Peter doesn't keep a mini screwdriver in his belt due to his track record of his web shooters malfunctioning? He used to wear glasses so he should have one from a repair kit somewhere!!!

  3. Prefer the mechanics one, it make him feel more vulnerable. I also like how when he is broke he can't used them or run out. Which ties more of his civil life with his hero life.

  4. I like to believe Spidey had both.. he always had organic shooters but they're limited (based on his diet… or something idk)
    he doesnt produce alot of it as he needed.. thats why he uses the mechanical one when he needs it..

  5. I think the web shooters could be made if the a compound was made that can expand and get as strong as steel if when it mixes with air

  6. Mechanical webs personally. Idk if its how the rami trilogy age poorly or whatever but organic webs just seemed cheezy to me. like, one spider bit not only enhance his senses physical strength and agility but it also gave him webs. I just don't buy into that. And to the people saying that it's a comic book the joker fell in to a pit of acid and only became insane no powers what so ever. But that's "dc not marvel" same form of literature get over it.

  7. I say organic webshooters as spiders shoot webs in a place near their butt, I believe it's a gland or something. For a Spider, that's an easy place to use it. The organic web shooters could develop in a place peter (or any person) would find the most easiest to use, the wrists.

  8. In Sam Raimi's movies, they were going to go with webshooters (even check out an early draft of the trailer where we see a scene of Peter/Toby making them), but they changed it to oganic at the last minute.

  9. You people do realise spider don't make infinite webs right??? They have to eat the webs they make once its used

  10. I prefer the mechanical web shooters because it shows that Peter isn’t just an average kid who happened to get bit by a radioactive spider, he’s a genius!

  11. when i was a kid i had a comic that profiled marvel heros and spidy had organic webshooters and a stinger

  12. Web shooters. It shows off his intelligence and I like it better than thinking of him spraying bodily fluids all over New York.

  13. It'd be cool and very reasonable if Spiderman actually made the webs organically himself. However, due to the physical strain on his body from producing enough webbing sufficient enough to be used for offensive, defensive and of course locomotion, he used his genius and ingenuity to chemically compose an artificial substitute, therefore increasing his supply and eliminating the burden.

  14. To be honest, I prefer if it be mechanical because of different types of web-shots, like web-bomb. Plus if it's organic, Spidey might have to use a lot more energy in his body to make more.

  15. Organic webing comes from the finger tips but is restricted to that he cant shot them only place and draw them out.

  16. I prefer both, since Spider-Man can't quite calculate both the distance from his wrist to another object and just how much web fluid he needs to maintain the strength of his silk. Also, the mechanical web shooters would have to puncture into his wrists in order to tap into his body supply of web fluid.

  17. What if when Peter Parker was bit by the radioactive spider, instead of it giving him the powers of a spider it took a chromosome.

  18. So spider-man with mechanical webbing is pretty much ant-man that dreamed of being a spider…I don't know how I feel about that.

  19. I think i have an idea why he still does the hand thing with the organic web shooters. I think he does that because he has to press down a vain in his hand to shoot the webs out

  20. If spiderman needs artificial webshooters than why is he spiderman a single simple person can also be spiderman hate this webshooters..cuz these are destroying real idea of spiderman

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