Star Wars #13 (Vader Down Pt 3) Marvel Comic Book Review!

after crash landing on Vrogas Vos Luke
Skywalker’s been taken captive by DR. Aphra and that dastardly droid duo triple
zero and BT1 can Han and Chewbacca rescue him before it’s too late and what
will happen when Princess Leia and the rest of the squad go in search of Vader
who’s crash-landed on the planet too its classic movie action like you like it in the
pages of Star Wars number thirteen by Marvel comics. Its our comic of choice today in today’s
comic book review on comic collector live presents Super Mega Comic Action
News at midnight Welcome Comic fans and thanks for tuning into another
fun-filled episode of Super Mega comic Action News at midnight I’m your
huckleberry Steve Boyd i watched the Star Wars films in the following order
episodes 4 5 1 2 and 3 and then 6 that’s impossible even for a computer. no no no that’s
completely possible I said quote Star Wars I did not say quote the same friggin’
line from star wars. Who does that? who goes to a party and then quotes the same stupid lines of
dialogue from same stupid movie you know what I bet you never even seen Star Wars
that one guy that someone minutes of footage turn out over and over again but
guess what I know I know and see just yet we have a caller picture of you and
that Star Wars number thirteen by Marvel is as you wish or are you done for let’s
give it a look see and find out continuing from the pages of Vader down
number one and Darth Vader number thirteen Star Wars number 13 is the
third installment in the Vator down story arc Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker
find themselves into very precarious situations after Luke’s X-wing and
Vader’s TIE Fighter collide in battle and literally into each other over the
planet of drugs boss while voters made short work of the soldiers at the
rebellion is despatched to bring him to justice Luke still new to the whole Jedi gig
managed to get himself captured by voters accomplice Dr Africa and her two
droids triple zero in bTW one after triple zero disguises himself to look
like another certain golden protocol Jordan Luke knows Luke’s estimate
companion r2d2 isn’t exactly doing a bang-up job keeping the bad guys away
from his master either thankfully on and you baka against princess Leia’s wishes
arrived in the Millennium Falcon the face off against doctor Africa and
rescue the young Jedi in training Jason Aaron deserves a pat on the back and
17,000 credits you know 2000 now plus 15 when he reaches forget it too easy
anyway Jason aaron has crafted some really
amazing Star Wars riding in this later down the overall story is chock full of
quintessential moment that captures the charm of the individual characters along
with the essence of the original trilogy plus it’s a story that could just as
easily be re-enacted with just the right amount of Star Wars action figures not
included in vehicles sold separately Jason Aaron were to tell me that this
was a story he conceived while playing with Star Wars toys I would totally be
ok with that and FYI Mike Deodato returns is penciled
in this part of the arc as well which I’m really happy about as his art is
perfect for the story on a personal note as a reader and San the Vator down story
arc is better than the entire Secret Wars 2015 crossover in my opinion not
that I’ve disliked secret wars but there’s so much baggage floating around
out there that I don’t feel comfortable recommending a story that I don’t
completely understand this is different as of this review we are two weeks out
from Star Wars Episode 7 the force awakens a movie with almost as much
anticipation than your senior prom it would be easy to say it’s a Star Wars
you should buy it but no from the story to the artwork the last three Marvel
Star Wars issues I’ve read have propelled the series through hyperspace
to the top of my weekly poll list because you can feel the care in detail
in every page and panel it’s just so freaking good right now I’m telling you
your sister could make a cake this delicious I don’t care if she is Rachael
Ray Show run don’t walk to your local comic book shop and ask for demand your
copy of Star Wars number thirteen and while you’re at it snowed Vader down
number one and Darth Vader number thirteen and get yourself caught up so
we’re on the same page for the next episode ok so what did you think about
Star Wars number thirteen I loved it I thought it was really good this entire
bader down storyline has been amazingly editor Star Wars fan you totally need to
be reading this book so to go to comic collector your number one
source to manage and organize and buy and sell your books this book and
hundreds of thousands of others just like it including the rest of the story
line did you like modular videos are so thanks for joining
us tonight

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