Star Wars: Darth Vader Annual #001 (Marvel Comics)

Filling in the gap between Episodes IV: A
New Hope and V: The Empire Strikes Back, we are here discussing Marvel Comics Star Wars:
Darth Vader Annual, Issue #001! Likely taking place between the story arcs
Shadows and Secrets and Vader Down, Darth Vader, in the wake of the destruction of the
Death Star, has been sent to Shu-torun, a mid-rim planet of Fire and Ore, to encourage
their cooperation under the reign of the Empire. Vader, having just landed on the planet, is
greeted by Princess Trios, instead of the ruling King of the planet. Vader is most displeased. She is there to show him to a ball in demonstration
of the rich culture of their planet. Vader carries with him a gift for the ruler,
one that will demonstrate that the Empire is a powerful friend and a dangerous enemy. After Vader has been escorted away, Triple
Zero and BT-1 emerge from his TIE fighter, tasked with an extremely delectate mission,
one which prevents them from shooting anyone in their sight. They do not have the clearance codes necessary
enter the palace grounds, but Triple Zero spots a nearby droid, disables its pain receptors,
and rips out its data core, giving them the necessary information they need to enter the
palace. In the ballroom, a nearby Duke has insisted
that Vader join in the dancing. Vader, not one for the ballroom, force chokes
this Duke and throws him in the nearby lake, while asking if anyone else would like to
be his dancing partner. Suddenly, a transport crashes through the
roof, and out from it come planetary rebels, speaking out against the empire and the King. They are armed and attempted to defeat Vader,
but he makes quick work of all the attackers, and insists on seeing the King immediately. We cut away to the King, to find out that
he is actually the one behind the attack. He seems determined to ride the planet of
Imperial control, which starts with eliminating Vader. He is willing to sacrifice his daughter, Princess
Trios in the process. She leads Vader to a passageway. All their exits become blocked and magma start
pouring in. Vader, showing great admiration for what Trios
was willing to do, rescues her while saving himself on top of a piece of the cavern wall
which he carved out, which floats above the surface of the magma. The King, fearful for his life, has his guards
barricade his chamber doors, but Triple Zero and BT-1 have already made their way inside. Vader reaches the chambers as Princess Trios
is coming to. She begs Vader to stop his advances and draws
a blaster on him, but he removes her hand with a quick flick of his Lightsaber and makes
his way into the chamber. Inside, they find that his droids have already
killed everyone inside, including the kind and his other two children. Vader turns to Trios, now the Queen of Shu-torun
and says that she is now the ruler. He hands her the gift he had brought, a rock,
which he says serves as a reminder of what happens to planets that defy the Empire. The rock, was a remnant of Alderaan. The Queen, afraid of what might become her,
faces the impossible task of bringing the planet together underneath the rule of the
Empire, and is charged by Vader to do so, with the threat that he will return if the
planet does not cooperate with the Empire’s demands. This story, while a standalone comic, provides
backstory for the story arc “The Shu-Torun War” which ran in Darth Vader Issues #016-019. We see how Vader was used by the Empire to
bring order to the galaxy in the wake of the Death Star’s destruction and just the amount
of sheer power he possessed. It also demonstrated his resourcefulness,
that no amount of planning and scheming can take him down. Thank you for watching. Be sure to subscribe to keep up with all the
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