Star Wars: Kanan #002 – The Last Padawan, Part II (Marvel Comics)

Filling in the gap between Episodes III: Revenge of the Sith and IV: A New Hope, we are here discussing Marvel Comic’s Star
Wars: Kanan, Issue #002! Execute order sixty-six.
Word that have haunted everyone since they were heard at the end of Episode III: Revenge
of the Sith. In our last issue, it is Caleb Dume, the birth name of Kanan Jarrus, who
is on the receiving end of these orders. Upon realizing what is about to happen, his
Jedi mentor, Master Depa Billaba, grabs Caleb and tells him to run. Caleb, standing in disbelief
at what is happening in front of him, freezes, as his master battles the clone troopers who,
moments before, where their most trusted friends. Many of these details are also echoed in the
Star Wars: Rebels episode: “The Lost Commanders” Coming around, Caleb jumps into the frey to
help Billaba fight off the troopers. However, it was clear to her that there was no way
to win the battle, being both out numbered and out flanked by the troopers. She instructs
Caleb to run, and run he did. Just before he was out of sight, he locked back in time
to see his Master shot down by the troopers. He knew he had to go on the run from their
former allies. The propaganda spread fast that the Jedi had
betrayed the republic, as citizens in a nearby town are already discussing the news. Caleb,
trying to keep hidden, takes a public transport to Plateau City, where, with no credits, he
tries to survive eating scraps and staying one step ahead of the troopers.
As luck would have it, a local by the name of Janus Kasmir stumbled upon him. Janus had
seen Caleb with his Master a few days earlier just after they had won their battle against
the separatists. At Caleb’s request, Janus allows him to sleep safely on board his ship.
When he awoke, he found that the Jedi emergency beacon had been activated, summoning all Jedi
home to Coruscant. Getting no help from Janus, Caleb decides to steal Janus’s ship and
head straight for the core world. However, just before he reverted out of hyperspace,
he received a follow-up message from Obi-wan, telling all surviving Jedi to avoid Courscant
and the Jedi temple at all cost, and to trust in the force.
There is an interesting connective thread hear to the novel A New Dawn. Caleb, when
he was a youngling at the temple, had an opportunity to learn about and ask questions regarding
the Jedi emergency signal. He learned that its only purpose was to bring the Jedi home.
It was young Caleb who asked Obi-wan if the signal could be used to keep Jedi away. It
was a question Obi-wan found quite interesting. Was it that question from years earlier which
lead to Obi-wan to send the “stay away” message?
When Caleb came out of hyperspace, he was instantly surrounded by various star fighters
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