Star Wars: Lando #004 (Marvel Comics)

Filling in the gap between Episodes IV: A
New Hope and V: The Empire Strikes Back, we are here discussing Marvel Comic’s Star
Wars: Lando, Issue #004! Chanath Cha, a mysterious bounty hunter hired
by Palpatine, has managed to catch up with the stolen ship. With some help from the droid
O-66, Chanath enters the ship though a rear access hatch. There is obviously some level
of secrecy here has the droid is very adamant not to tell Chanath any more than he needs
to know to complete his mission. Lando and Korin have stumbled across what
must be the most valuable item on the ship, an ancient Sith artifact. Lando is getting
excited, as Korin told him with the right buyer he could get enough credits to purchase
one or two moons. They aren’t paying much attention to Aleksin, who is seen fixated
on this artifact. A glow from the artifact engulfs Aleksin briefly.
He reaches for a nearby lightsaber and slices off the arm of his twin Pavol. Lando and Korin
make a run for it, locking the twins inside the artifact room. Lando is focused on getting
back into the room so they can get back at the goods, but Korin is convinced that the
Sith artifact has some hand in changing them and heads to the nearest escape pod.
Chanath has convinced O-66 to give him the control codes to the ship. While he is resistant
to that at first, the small pulse bomb he left inside the droid convinced him otherwise.
His goal is to make sure Lando and crew cannot escape. It seems Lando and Korin will not
be taking the escape pods after all. For the first time in this series, Aleksin
and Pavol actually speak to each other. Pavol is wondering what has happened to Aleksin.
This was supposed to be their final job, earning them enough money to create a clone, which
would be their child. Aleksin seems overcome with darkness and wants nothing more than
to rile up Pavol. Korin wants to make his way to the bridge,
in hopes to turn back on the escape pods. They are not yet aware of Chanath and simply
think the escape pod deactivation is a ship malfunction. Lando, however, is wary of the
threat and gets the feeling that they are not alone. Korin and Lando, eventually, both
find themselves staring down the blasters of Chanath.
Once Chanath realizes who he after, he lowers his weapon and takes of his helmet. He, or
rather, she seems to have a history with Lando, and at this point, who doesn’t. She reveals
to Lando who the owner of the ship is and her mission, to kill whomever took his ship.
Little do they know, the twins Aleksin and Pavol are making their way out of the Sith
artifact room, having both been possessed by the mysterious powers surrounding the artifacts.
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