Star Wars: Obi-wan and Anakin #001 (Marvel Comics)

Filling in the gap between Episodes I: The
Phantom Menace and II: Attack of the Clones, we are here discussing Marvel Comic’s Obi-wan
and Anakin, Issue #001! In the first canon story between Episodes
I and II, Obi-wan Kenobi, now a Jedi Knight, has traveled with his padawan Anakin Skywalker
to the planet Carnelion IV, responding to a distress call that the Jedi Order have received.
Obi-wan and Anakin crashed on the planet, having to use escape pods before their ship
got torn apart by the debris field around the planet. Anakin goes to state that even
Plo Koon would have had the same challenges, cementing him as one of the more regarded
pilots in the Jedi order. They have found the planet torn apart by war.
It was a war the Republic did not assist with as the planet is not part of the galactic
republic, and the Jedi Order is under the jurisdiction of the galactic senate. Obi-wan
continues on to reinforce the idea that Jedi are peace-keepers, not warriors.
Even though they have now been separated from their diplomatic envoy, Obi-wan is determined
to continue the mission, as the distress call was specifically for a Jedi intervention,
and used a code that was quite old. Suddenly, on this apparently dead planet, an air-born
vehicle crashes down below them. They go to investigate, but not until Obi-wan hands Anakin
his lightsaber back. Apparently, Anakin turned in his lightsaber, with the intention of leaving
the Jedi Order. While Obi-wan does not seem to be fighting him on this decision, he does
want to make sure he stays alive to follow through with it.
We are then sent into a flashback on Coruscant at the Jedi Temple. Anakin is practicing his
lightsaber skills with a training droid while Masters Kenobi and Windu watch on with Chancellor
Palpatine. We begin to see the beginnings of Palpatine’s interest in Anakin as he
insists on become a mentor figure, having observed first hand his emotional instability.
He claims he may be able to assist. Back to the present, Obi-wan and Anakin notice
a battle taking place over head. When one of the air ships was about to fall to the
surface, they reached out with the force to slow its decent long enough for the passengers
to jump out to safety. Anakin introduces himself and Obi-wan to a
woman named Kolara, and her mother, Pran. Pran is very suspicions of the two and asks
them at blaster point weather they are “open” or “closed.” Not knowing what she is talking
about, Anakin explains that they are Jedi, and that they are there answering a call for
Jedi aid that came from this planet. It appears, Pran has no clue what Anakin is talking about.
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