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Star Wars: The Old Republic (All Cinematic Trailers) 4K 60FPS

Satele Shan: Korriban Ancient birthplace of the Sith. We believed ruins were all that remained of their evil empire. Okarr: I swear, I had no idea what was in those crates. I’m innocent! Kao Cen Darach: You were smuggling Sith artifacts, captain. Okarr: *resentfully* Fine, keep the artifacts. Just give me back my ship! Republic Trooper: Eyes front.
Okarr: Just inspecting the troops, corporal. Darach: Satele, what’s wrong? Shan: I sense…a great darkness. Darach: The Sith Empire has returned! Darach: We must warn the Republic!| Trooper: Our shuttles can’t outrun those fighters! Okar: Well, guess who’s got the fastest ship in the sector? Station Announcement: Base to defenses three, all hands evacuate! Okarr: My ship! Darach: Will she fly? Okarr: She’s not pretty, but she’s tough. Darach: Captain, prep your ship. This is our fight. Okarr: T7, prep the ion cannons! T7: *in droid speech* Listen you cranky bastard, you can’t just come trapsing in here like the prince of the galaxy in here and give commands. I’ve been negotiating with the port security droid for the better part of a day, getting our landing hold released. How about a little bloody gratitude? *light saber igniting* Light saber: *whoooooooooosh* Come on! Darach: Go Satele. You must walk a different path. Master! Okarr: *to Satele and Malcolm: On those guns, now! *slice* *whoop whoop whoop* *tennis grunts* T7: *mournful beep* Okarr: *to Malcom* Keep ’em off me! Hyperdrive’s almost ready! Malgus: They’ve escaped, Master. You’ve failed. Lord Vindican: *painfully* No Malgus. This… …is only the beginning. Malgus: Yes. After a thousand years. Korriban is ours again. *Sound of light saber igniting*
Welcome home! Enough is enough. Republic is the galaxy’s only hope for peace and justice. It must not fall. The Sith Empire exterminates everything in its path. The enemy has no remorse for the worlds he destroys. Everything we value will die unless we hold the line. This war isn’t about politics or resources. We fight for survival! For freedom! For the Republic! Let’s go! Move it up! Flank ’em! With every battle, there are fewer of us to keep up the fight. Those who remain pay a heavy price, but we know the force is with us. We will never surrender, and we are not alone. The long night has finally ended. Revenge That is what brings us here, to the heart of our enemy, to the brink of war, The emperor’s plan is in place. Our allies are strong. The Jedi hunted us, drove us into the darkest reaches. They thought they had banished us forever, but now, finally, we have returned. Droid: Fly you fools! Rage gives us power. We will feed on vengeance, until the Republic lies in ruins. A man can have anything, if he is willing to sacrifice. With your birth, comes a solemn vow. You will have nothing More troops!
Over there! Yeah! Your privilege, is the dirt. In the darkness, only ambition will guide you. The oath you swear, the promises you make, they are yours… alone. Your freedom, will be the wars you wage. Your birthright, the losses you suffer. Your entitlement, the pain you endure. And when darkness finds you, you will face it… alone… Come with me, son… Another. Fight. Vaylin! Stay behind me. Vaylin, come on.

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69 thoughts on “Star Wars: The Old Republic (All Cinematic Trailers) 4K 60FPS

  1. O diretor Rian Johnson do ultimo jadi deveria aprende com esses diretores desses trailes como se faz um verdadeiro filme da nossa família star Wars

  2. Last jadi director Rian Johnson should learn from these directors of these trailes how to make a real movie from our star wars family

  3. É só a Disney fazer uma trilogia da Velha República com esta história nos cinemas, mostrando a guerra dos Jedis e império Sith, ia ganhar rios de dinheiro.

  4. I like these guys a lot better than the new characters and yes I think this should be canon because at 15:25 the girl is from the comics tell me if I’m wrong

  5. A trilogy of the Old Republic, the first sith Empire, Revan, Nihillus, the jedi winning in the siege of Malachor, and Darth Bane rising… Dude. Freaking Disney, you must canonize all these guys.

  6. This is so cool… Yoo wtf I understand now that this played before Darth Vader and bla bla… And I understood everything till the last trailer… Those two brothers and the girl with this force… They have a other color of light Sabers and the two brothers defeat Jedis and republic but siths and the bad ones at the same time… Who are they and why are they so strong…

  7. I love the aesthetic of the old republic. When those troopers jumped down and charged in against the sith…dude I’m gonna bust

  8. Holy crap Star Wars had so many strong, lead female characters and races like Leia, Lando, Satele, Bastila, Darth Zannah and they did it almost without effort. Today they trying so hard and they give us Rose xD It's good that they can't delete it so I can still enjoy oldschool badass female characters. Hell, even in new expansions Senya Tirall is AMAZING! Learn Disney! Female characters can be cool and we don't have issue with having female characters as a lead. Just make them properly!

  9. 日本の方でこれの解説できる方います?

  10. you could they they always just copied the original and prequel trilogy, but they still added new things and damn… they copied it just right! everything here feels more like star wars then the sequels

  11. Seriously, someone should give these guys a budget and have them make a movie. These lightsaber fights are amazing!

  12. Seeing these trailers makes me realize Disney .does those shitty star wars movies on purpose and they know they will get billions anyway.. Vote with your wallets

  13. Many may not respond but, man. I was so addicted to SWTOR, like, I was in drugs of Star Wars everyday. I took deathsticks everytime I get home from school. The game's great, and I'll be planning to finally get back to it very soon. The two brothers I really liked, especially when the brother with the white garment, his right eye flared with yellow mixed with reddish Sith looking that even I could potentially have one day. And it looks demonic too.

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