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Stop/Watch | Marvel Make Me a Hero

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hi. I’m Diana. And watch Marvel make me a hero. I own a company called
Dial C Costumes. And we make custom costumes
for people all over the world. And I am also the
entertainment coordinator for the Society
for the Promotion of Japanese Animation. I’ve actually been
cosplaying for over 20 years. And it really wasn’t
until five years ago that I started turning it
into more of a business. I actually use my knowledge
of the community in my day to day job at SPJA. We have a program to uplift and
give more of a community base to cosplayers, but also be
a little bit more inclusive. And I want more people
to feel it’s accessible. Because it’s such
a huge community. And it’s something that I
feel very passionate about. My first memory of Marvel, it
was a cover of X-Men with Rogue and Gambit almost kissing. And I was like, I want
to know more about them. I think I was, like, maybe
10 or 11 at the time. And it was one of the
most romantic things I’d ever seen in my life. I bought that comic. And it all kind of
spiraled out from there. Marvel has had, especially
in the last 10 years, a really broad reach
for representation. And I feel like it’s
really important to have that representation. It comes down to,
do you see yourself reflected in your heroes? When I started
developing my character, the first thing I thought about
was, I’m an Armenian-American. My family came here right
before the genocide. It’s just– sorry. It’s really important
for me to have that. But also, I really wanted
to create a character for a lot of my friends. I have a lot of
non-binary friends. I have a lot of
friends who are queer. I have a lot of
friends who don’t feel like they have a place. And looking like I do
and being Armenian, I don’t always feel like
I have a place sometimes. And it was really
hard growing up. You know, my mom and I are
very blonde and very blue-eyed. When we went out to church
or to other functions, people would call us like,
odar, which is, like, Armenian for, like, other. I wanted to create somebody
who presented differently. I wanted them to use
they/them pronouns. I wanted them to be non-binary
and have the opportunity to have that representation. The costume, I wanted it
to sort of be athletic, kind of billowy and
loose, something that could easily be moved in. I do like the secret
identity mask. And I like cowls a lot. So I wanted something
that would leave about this much of the face. The more like an anime
character the boots on someone looks, the better. For my color scheme, I wanted
to go with jewel tones. When you look at them,
you think kind of warmth. For the hair, kind
of an auburny brown with some streaks
of red and orange, which is a throwback
to the Armenian flag. There’s a lot of really
amazing Hong Kong cinema where you see, like,
people throwing, like, their sleeves. So I love the idea of
having weighted scarves. Their powers, they can turn
off half of their brain. When they’re performing
with both lobes engaged, they are faster,
they’re more dexterous, they problem-solve faster. They can either function
at their highest peak or they can function normally
without having to rest. Their name is Stopwatch,
because they never stop watching out for everyone. Oh, my god! Like, honestly, this
is better than anything I even thought of. The cowl, the shape on
the face, is perfect. And down the neck,
it actually takes what could be a very
Kitty Pryde look and kind of masculines
it up a bit. The scarves, it actually looks
kind of like fabric blades. Those are definitely
anime boots. I like that it’s got a really
unique buckle that cosplayers would hate to go and find. But I also like
that, because it’s like a buckle just for them. They look really sporty. It’s really functional. The pants are perfect. Like, if I was going
to be a Super Hero, this is what I’d
want to look like. I wish I could share this with
my family that’s passed on. Like, I wish I could show this
to my grandpa and be like, look. This is for us. Thinks, Marvel, for
making me a hero. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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66 thoughts on “Stop/Watch | Marvel Make Me a Hero

  1. "MarVel"ous Super Het Heru(Hero) Diana Tolin Is The Society MatriArch 4 All Non-Binary Super Het Herus(Heroes) that Suffer from Amnesia of their "Internal Powerful Orgin & Innate SuperGifts"…"MarVel"ous Super Het Heru(Hero) Diana Tolin utilizes her Magical "Intuitive EmPathic" Powers 2 Awaken All the Non-Binary Super Het Herus(Heroes) 2 their "LimitlessPowers" n Teaching Them 2 EmPower & Protect HumanityAsAboVeSoBelowAsé⛥♦️)0(/G🐝🐬💯❤️ (((CyberHugss SiSTAR Diana)))) & My Condolences 2 Ur LoVedOnes, Know They R "Reigning N Their LunarSolarPowers~ReMainLoVedDiVineAsé(It Is Done)⛥♦️)0(/G🐝🐬💯❤️

  2. "non binary" is like no gender which automatically means no representation. It's taking yourself out of representation purposefully. I don't understand why this is a big issue

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  4. please make a superhero named GOLDSHIELD 🔥💪🏼 his powers are to help people (well that's me i am GoldSHIELD)

  5. I like her. Diana you are probably my favorite person on this series. Your emotion and compassion for others is what marvel needs to be.

  6. ɴᴏᴡ ᴘʟᴀʏɪɴɢ: Marvel..hero
    ◄◄ ⠀ ▐▐ ⠀►►

    2:18 / 4:02 ⠀ ───○ 🔊⠀ ᴴᴰ ⚙️ ↺

  7. You may be thinking "I want to be made a hero!" And I got the solution right here! I'll make you a hero! My Instagram is @wickedisgoodthomas I'll make you your very own marvel hero for $20! Reply to this comment if you're interested or DM me on my Instagram! 😄

  8. Marvel can you make me a hero.
    I would be called the IMPATIENT PROTESTER
    I'd be protesting for equality for Hispanics. When people didn't listen to me I would hit them with Thor's hammer upside their head.

  9. I wish someone take all these new heroes and make a team up comic and sell it for charity and fund arts programs for youth! Imagine how cool they would be! Use all these unique and interesting heroes to help other future artists dreams come true!

  10. My god Marvel you have an amazing ability to hit all my feels at once. I'm crying I'm smiling I'm laughing . Always a good time.

  11. I remember Dan making up something similar on the Comicstorian Podcast

  12. This was a great video.

    I can understand when people say they don't get the term non-binary, it took me awhile to understand what it actually meant and to ensure that I asked what pronouns they preferred, being autistic it took awhile for me to stop saying "he/she" when talking about someone, especially those that prefer "they/them".

    You should do heroes with autism and do more on depression with heroes, even some retired or veteran heroes getting P.T.S.D.

    Marvel has written many stories for many hard fighting heroes, from origins to near death, death and in some cases retirement, they should develop some form of mental illness, even Capt. America and Wolverine wouldn't be immune to this, they'd be more likely to develop mental health issues with their time in WW2 and their time fighting in the present day comic.

    This was what I took into account when creating my character, before any ancestory, abilities, skills and powers were decided on.

    His depression and anxiety along with P.T.S.D are linked to his childhood, how he grew up and the treatment he suffered, he was born with mild autism, so how he understands situations, how he lives day-to-day and how he survives in a world that's post-apocalyptic can be different to other people.

  13. I agree! is a strong woman with blue eyes and blonde hair. Marvel draws a model with brown eyes, very realistic. each of us could sit there and tell a story

  14. Don't you dare say anything mean or else u will face the entire LGBT community thank you 😊

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