Hello .. Good morning, good afternoon, good night where you are Welcome back to my Channel AmaiPerry And if you just came to my channel, welcome May you please be with my personality and support my Channel With likes, comments and my various Channels and Subscribers Today I dress up very pretty huh Why ? Because I will discuss a few things about AmaiPerry’s reaction to the Indonesian army Once again My Smart Subscribers I want to say something to you I want to be honest with you, my English might not be so good But, please be kind with me I want to have many friends from all over the world Not only from Indonesia, YouTube is international, so I want to take this opportunity without limiting myself Keep developing your potential in hobbies, hobbies and more and be yourself You know not The birthday of the Indonesian army, namely the TNI Which means that the Indonesian national army (TNI) Which was 74 years old on October 5, 2019 amazing Hopefully INDONESIA will become a safer country Become more victorious, successful God blesses every place in the city, culture, island and security And we continue to support in prayer for all Indonesian soldiers to maintain security At every border and area of ​​Indonesia Under the auspices of Mr. Prabowo and in the leadership of our President Mr. Jokowi Continue to support and pray wherever you are, both your work leader Or your family’s parents Because every prayer of our people makes Indonesia far more peaceful That’s a little story huh .. Previously, My Smart Subscribers, I already knew what the name before the TNI was As a story, long ago … before the TNI was the TKR, the SOLDIER OF PEOPLE’S SECURITY And before that again, is the PEOPLE’S SECURITY AGENCY (BPR) On August 23, 1945 You must remember. August 17, 1945 is Indonesian Independence Day And today we will see an amazing video From the slings of the Indonesian army Very cool, compact, And also Sexy in my opinion huh .. Funny, cool .. For me women, because Handsome, handsome and wow .. Let’s look together Three Indonesian soldiers are army, navy and air force I don’t really know their clothes Yes. God.. This looks like an army I like the hat 😍 Oops … I don’t have a sword I like when they do this movement My niece in school yells like this. There is another Youtube dividend: VIOPERRY The clothes are smudged This looks like a navy I like the stomping of his feet and all the same movements with enthusiasm How long will the training be I like it my Smart Subscribers ❤️ Look at the spirit of our Indonesian army Well … My Smart Subscribers … see how great and brave the spirit of our Indonesian soldiers is I am unable to elaborate, which is certainly very perfect It’s not easy to be a soldier How do we see the spirit of our Indonesian women’s army What is certain is that short-haired women can also wear headscarves Let’s look together. you are ready I like the beat of his feet together How excited they are Very compact. Still beautiful and looking young. Doesn’t look like you’re married or not yet 🤭 Indonesian soldiers both male and female are extraordinary Let us pray for the Indonesian army to be healthy and always in God’s protection And what do you think of My Smart Subscribers Do you still have the goal of becoming a soldier or move towards the others In the past, my goal was to become a teacher Then want to be a doctor Then turned into a flight attendant It’s just that height is not enough. And finally Always keep thanking the Lord Jesus And I work at an insurance company Namely PRUDENTIAL. Number one insurance in Indonesia ❤️ Time Promotion 🤭 You can contact me for those who love family and future generations. I am ready to help Thank you My Smart Subscribers for watching my videos to the end Meet me in the next video Have a nice day God bless ❤️

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