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What’s so super about being a virgin i’m a virgin don’t even try SHUT UP! SUPER VIRGIN SQUAD! What the hell, you just let that guy steal my purse! Oh hey mam, do you need help? F–K no you already screwed that up Well, we’ll just get ’em next time GOD DAMMIT! Hey guys, thanks so much for subscribing! Click the video on the left to see behind the scenes footage and bloopers * Inappropriate words * And click the box on the right to learn more about smosh comic book featuring the Super Virgin Squad! It’s real guys, It’s really real! And if you’re on a touch screen device click all the links in the description below!

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100 thoughts on “SUPER VIRGIN SQUAD

  1. They could have been the greatest Trio on the internet.
    And also I felt the real Smosh in this video, so Nostalgic.

  2. #1:16 Is That The Face Of The Kid Who Stole Woody And Buzz Light year In Toy Story? (I don't know his name)

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