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Supergirl Pilot SPOILER Review Comic Con 2015 | THE RATINGS ROOM

Already ordered to series by CBS and
produced in conjunction with Warner Brothers, Super Girl is making waves with
positive buzz and an already leaked pilot that some suspect is more ploy than leak. So what’s this about? Well with the
imminent destruction of Krypton at hand Kara Zor-El is quickly
shuffled into a pod with instructions to protect her younger cousin, Superman, who
was evacuated from the planet only moments before. However, as a result of a blast emanating
from Krypton’s destruction, Kara’s pod is rocketed into the Phantom Zone. Mysteriously though, her pod is able to exit the
dimension but only to arrive on Earth a full twelve years after her cousin. With a mission seemingly rendered void, Kara tries to live a normal life as a member the Danvers
family. But her plans of a normal life are
thwarted when it’s discovered that she wasn’t the only one to come out of the
Phantom Zone and land on Earth. I love this setup! It’s brilliant! Melissa Benoist is a superstar – no
question about it. Excellent acting by the supporting cast
and Calista Flockhart as Cat Grant is amazing. I love this character and her wit. Move over Hillary, it’s Cat Gram
for 2016 President and badass woman of the year. So all the more reason why I’m so disappointed with this pilot. But I’m being harsh out of love because it
has so much potential that I hope this isn’t the best and final copy because
right now it’s a 5 out of 10 when it could be a 9 out of 10 with a few changes and
tweaks. Let’s start at the beginning. While I
appreciate the opening exposition in voiceover because it moves the story
forward the problem with the beginning is that
the CGI is really bad. The quality is equal to that of The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne – revolutionary for its time but that was
fifteen years ago. So next, pick or make a better score! With the
exception of Supergirl’s theme and the combat track, the music is atrocious and quite
frankly inappropriate. You know how ’90s family movies sound like they
can all be part of the same overture? Yeah, the music’s similar to that … just a little
faster. But then there’s the placement of the music itself. So for instance, when you actually expect
a track to help say … land a joke, it’s awkwardly absent. As a viewer the
bizarre placements throughout make you feel so … uncomfortable. Okay so next, I’m not buying the chemistry between the
sisters and at the point in which that relationship is the heart of the story then this could be a fatal blow.
Specifically I’m taking issue with Alex Danvers. Now that’s not to say that Cheryl Leigh’s acting is bad. It’s just that there’s no chemistry
between her and Benoist and if you’re going to have a Frozen Anna and Elsa relationship then you’ve gotta have one that works. I mean, there’s a difference between being cold and well … being cold. Last, you’ve got to
trim the fat. There are scenes in here that you don’t need or don’t work. So let me go into specifics of what I’m
talking about. First, during the introduction of the Department of Extra
Normal Operations, and right after this point in the trailer: “You wanna help? Go back to getting
someone’s coffee.” There’s a confrontation between the two
sisters that’s got to go. I get that it’s there to assuage viewers
that feel on the verge of suspension of disbelief overload but it doesn’t work. Second, cut the bit where Hanshaw warns Alex that her sister is dangerous. I mean should we expect this in every DC
franchise now? It’s cliche and we already know that you felt that way. You
don’t need to say it. Third, the pilot has Alex rescuing Kara
after her defeat in her first fight with the pilot’s nemesis. I’d actually change that to having Hanshaw intervening because then his later remarks about Kara screwing up would have
more weight and add to the antagonistic dynamic between
the two. Fourth, still show the sister stitching her up but
cut out that ridiculous discussion between the two in the medical bay. Alex’s dialogue that conveys why she’s
behaving in the manner that she does is laughable and illogical …
and quite frankly, the dialogue redefines cheese. Plus,
it makes the scene of them patching things up outside her door feel redundant
especially when it’s literally the next scene. Phoebe: “Well, that’s not good” Last, but certainly not least, the hologram part. This is an emotionally
intense scene meant to reinvigorate and motivate Kara to continue as Supergirl but I have two issues here. One, get a better cut of Laura Benanti’s delivery in the first sentence. This a Supergirl not Days of Our Lives. Two,
the shot of Benoist extending her hand out and moaning when the hologram fades out is terrible. That was laugh out loud bad
especially when it was more of a grunt and she sounded constipated. So that’s my
critical assessment of how to improve the pilot but let’s head over to the Ratings
Room for more clarification. Overall with what’s scene: 5 out of 10.
Potential of the material: 9 out of 10. And taking into account other pilots,
here’s how it compares. Thank you so much for watching and if
you like this video, please give it a thumbs up and subscribe for more. You people are awesome! Thanks for watching! do guy a there

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12 thoughts on “Supergirl Pilot SPOILER Review Comic Con 2015 | THE RATINGS ROOM

  1. You are amazing with your reviews!!!  It's cool how you speak clearly and … idk this is a really smart review.  Keep it up!!!

  2. Her character looks adorable and i found it funny that the general treats super-girl like she's megan, other than that eye roll and yawns.

  3. My biggest issue currently is instead of treating her like a superhero, she is relegated to a sub hero. Most of us will only have seen the trailer, which was god awful, and honestly looked pretty insulting. If they can pull it out, fix the pilot and do good in the next few episodes i'll probably check it out, but till then i'm going to stay away like the plague. I want a superhero show, not a drama that just happens to have a superhero. The Flash is the best example currently and Agents of shield is doing better. Peggy Carter is a close second to the Flash for me, but Netflix's Daredevil takes the cake really. Hell i'm honestly getting turned off of The Arrow with all of it's drama overload.

  4. Saw the pilot AWESOME is the only word to explain it.Melissa is beautiful and the perfect actress for the part

  5. Lillian I just got back from comic con everyone loved the pilot and the panel discussion with the cast was awesome you can't believe the applause Melissa got.They've announced some of the villains like Max Lord,Reaction,and Live Wirer. Also Laura Vandervoort is negotiating to make a cameo appearance how cool is that, I hope she plays a villain maybe an evil alternate Supergirl.

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